Dark Halloween Makeup

Introduction: Dark Halloween Makeup

About: Im 16, Live in Australia. I am studying Nursing in year 11. I mostly do make up of the dark nature, but if you would like a lighter, different stlye i shalll uplad and show you guys how. I have an account...

Hello, This make up style is something you would proberly wear for halloween, but its something you could get away with for parties.

You will need:
Red Lipstick
Lip Gloss
Black/Dark Blue and Silver eye shadow
Black eye liner
Black Mascarear
And foundation

Step 1. First you will wanna cover your face in foundation (Any that matches your skin or gives it a slight pale colour) because you wanna look as if your hollowed out in the cheeks of the face.

Step 2. Go over your eye lids in the silver eye shadow with any brush you use to apply your eye shadow, i just use my finger. (The silver should be a light sparkle nothing to out there), Ok once you have done that grab abittle of the black eye shadow and place it gently on the bottom of your eyes (Were your "Bags" Should be.

Step 3. Smudge the black over the bottom of both your eyes and push it down, add little bits at a time.

Step 4. Place some black eye shadow and press and spead it on the tops of your eye lids leaving abit of the silver showing in the centre of the eye.

Step 5. Go over your eyes with eye liner any way you would like, i dont have any eye liner on but you may add it if you like. Add add black to your eye lashes.

Step 6. Grab a blush brush and gently brush it over the black eye shadow. Pout your lips so you can see your cheek bones, once you see them brush the brush gently under the bones of your cheeks (Add more if you would like)

Step 7. Get your red lip stick and use it on your lips.

Step 8. I dont have eye contacts but if you do you could use them in your eyes to add to the affects of the eyes shadow.

And your done. I know this isnt very helpfull so i will attempt to do it on youtube so you guys/girls can find it easier, tell me what you would like for the next "Helpfull" make up advise thing, lol :)

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