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Hello all,

This costume was inspired by the Silent Hill movie. It was a very fun and exciting project to work on, I spent about 3 weeks working on it.

The mask was made out of latex, it was an old mask someone had given to me a while back. I cut the mask so that the front part could hug my face and it wouldn't be so bulgy. I then made sort of like a full head cap out of spandex material fabric so I could cover my head/hair. I attached a zipper in the back so that it was easier for me to wear. I glued the mask to the fabric and then painted it with an airbrush.

The nurse dress and hat were made out of some white fabric I found at a fabric shop for about $15 or so (this also had a zipper). I dipped the fabric in a bucket with boiling water, ground coffee and green tea to give it that old/dirty look. I also used makeup and acrylic paint to add some darker effects on the dress and hat.

The shoes I got on sale for only $6! I used makeup and acrylic paint to give it some color.

The weapon is made out of pvc pipes. I spent less than $10 at Home Depot for the long pvc pipe and two elbows. I glued the pipes with Krazy Glue and then painted it with brown, orange and burgundy acrylic paint to give it that rusty look.

To finish my look, I airbrushed my arms, legs, and chest with an airbrush gun. I mixed brown, yellow and white to get the beige/yellowish color. I bought these bottles on Amazon.com, I used 4 bottles and they were $10 each. I used red and blue eyeliners to add veins all over my body and mask. Last, but not least, I sprayed fake blood on some spots to look like a real cold blooded killer!

It was a big hit! Everyone was stopping me for pictures at the block party I went to. I really enjoyed being a Dark Nurse and I hope you all enjoy my costume as well :)

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    ZulenGDIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you! I made the dress myself and the hat. Everyone has different measurements so I didn't add my dress measurements, it was hand made. You can also just buy a costume nurse dress online and just weather it. The hat I glued to the mask with a hot glue gun and everything else is pretty much on there. :)