Dark Orbit: How to Get Tons of Credits

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Hey Guys,
I have been playing Dark Orbit, an online game from BigPoint. When I started, I had barely any in game credits and spent my time blasting the basic AIs that roamed the home base (I joined EIC btw). I got very bored with my small ship and wanted a bigger one quickly. I started looking around their site and found something I had been ignoring, the skylab. This instructable will show you how to get tons of credits in a legit way (not one of those "text a number to this number and get credits" scams).

Step 1: Where to Go.

To get to the Skylab, just click on the Skylab button from the top row of buttons.

Step 2: Skylab Overview

(This is a brief description of the Skylab. For more details follow this link.)


The Skylab comes with 12 modules:

Basic module
Solar module
Storage module
Three ore collectors for Prometium, Endurium and Terbium
Two class 1 refineries for the creation of Prometid and Duranium
One class 2 refinery for the creation of Promerium
One class 3 refinery for the extraction of Seprom
Xeno module
Transport module

When you go to the Skylab for the first time, you'll find the four modules that you can use immediately: the storage module, transport module, basic module and solar module.

To create the Refineries and Collectors for the minerals, you will need to build them.
Also each module starts at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 20.

Look over the selected areas in the picture of the Skylab to get  more details on the ones we will be using.

Step 3: Create Lots of Promerium

After making all 12 of the buildings (be sure to have a high level Xeno module) start to make lots Promerium and send it to your ship using the transport module. It takes anywhere from hours to a few seconds, depending on how much you send.
Wait for it to finish and then go to the screen with the live game-play.

Step 4: Sell It in the Base.

Once on this screen, go to your home base. (mine is 2-1.)
Go to where you can sell raw materials and click the "trade raw materials" button.
This will bring up a small bar that lists all your on-ship materials.
Sell all of the Promerium (and other materials) you have.
Promerium is very valuable and will give you lots of credits for selling it.

Repeat this process over and over (you can use the other materials like Prometid or Duranium if you run out of Promerium).

Step 5: $$$ Use the Money! $$$

Now that you have lots of credits, spend them!
I like to spend them in the trade center, where you bid on things that normally cost Uridium ( the currency that costs real money- you can get a few from kills but it is very slow).

A great time to bid is when there are few people to bid against. Try to bid when people on the server you are on are asleep or at school/work. To see how many people are online, look in the top right by the logout and help buttons.

Step 6: Be Awesome!

Now that you have a great income source, you can do almost anything!!!
Buy the big ships you have always wanted and install the best lasers and missiles. Bid for advanced CPU's or buy tons of drones. Almost everything you want, you now can do.

Thanks for reading this Instructable. Rate it high if this helped you or if you just like it. Please share it with your friends.


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