Dark Time for My Bike Becomes Light for My Office....Meet...the Upcycled Bike Lamp




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After my bike decided to take "early retirement" I decided it deserved a place in the house. Unfortunately for the bike...it had to go through a little "surgery" before it would fit.
Basically what I'm saying is, the frame cracked and it was time to put the ol'girl down.  Here are a few pictures on how I brought LIGHT out of a Dark situation.

Tools I used;

Chop Saw
Flathead Screwdriver


Destroyed Bike Frame
Broken Tooth Old Rear Cassette
Some Lamp "Thread All" That's hollow
A couple washers
A couple nuts..
Lamp Shade
Lamp Kit (cord, shade holder, etc)
Felt Pads
Clear Metal Sealant (spray paint)

After cutting down the frame and filing down the sharp edges, I sprayed the old cassette and let it dry. Then I fed the lamp all thread through the cassette and bike frame tube. I then put washers and nuts on each side to hold the three pieces together (shade holder, tube, and cassette) I then tightened that puppy down!

I then did the electrical, feeding the pig tail whip through the side of the cassette and then up the hollow all thread to the socket.

I added a nice shade from the local store and some felt pads to balance then lamp and make sure it doesn't scratch my desk.

You can see in one of the pics the other pieces of the frame...I think I'm going to use the small one for a mini fridge handle or something...ideas?




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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Cut the down tube, seat tube and chain stays about three inches away from the bottom bracket. Stuff some chain scraps into each of the chain stays for weight, friction fit some foam or even cardboard inside the down tube and seat tube near the bottom bracket and you have a sweet pen/pencil holder to match the lamp on your desk!!!

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Right on, I didn't think of making a desk set...Thanks for the idea! If I put that together, I'll post it as a reply.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I made an Instructable for my bottom bracket pen/pencil holder! Check it out here!
    I also referenced your down tube lamp!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    The chop saw is ideal; as it cuts the tube flat on both ends. I didn't have a chop saw and used a reciprocating saw. For those taking that route, take your time to make a straight cut so the tube ends are flat. Lesson learned. Also, I was a little confused by the "lamp thread all," but don't worry, it is in the same section as the lamp kit and is made for DIY lamp projects. It comes with plenty of nuts for this project, so you don't need extra. I also struggled with the "harp" size, as the DIY Lamp Kit came w/ a 10" harp. I was worried it would require a giant lamp shade and would look weird with the project and considered buying an extra harp that was smaller. No need; most shades no longer use harps. The shade mountings fit under and are secured by the light bulb, so just get the kit as it's the cheapest option and the harp isn't used (if you get that style of shade). Great idea and I am stoked about my new desk lamp and a way to hold onto the memory of the ol rig.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome, and you have some great points. Thank you for commenting, if you would like, I'd love to see your new bike memorial lamp :)