Dark Angel Mask Made Easy.

Introduction: Dark Angel Mask Made Easy.

About: I am an artist mostly mask making oil paints some airbrush and sculpting. Always open to a new skill or meeting other artist that are willing to show a few of their tricks. But my love for art will always be...

I like masks. and I want to share that love with showing you how to make one your self!

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Step 1: Find the Shape You Want

first make a shape I use the same basic shape for most of my masks its easy strips of paper and glue over what ever shape you want make a mold out of clay or use your own face whatever shape your going for.

Step 2: Draw Out Your Idea

now add your layers of paper I use old books, phone books or news paper then same way you layer on your paper use cloth on this mask I am using an old work shirt and an old dish cloth. use the same glue as the paper just with the cloth it takes a little more time set. but will get just as hard once dry. the mix is really any kind of glue that will mix with water add flower or any dirt saw dust really any thing I make a new mix just about every time I make a mask some work out some fail.. just don't give up.

Step 3: Now Start Building It Up

some times its best to stop and let it dry before adding more layers. this will help it dry faster and get a lot stronger when its fully dry

Step 4: Make It Smooth

once your done building up and its all dry and you can handle it. smooth it down some times I will burn it smooth or sand it smooth just whatever look your going for maybe you don't want it smooth.

Step 5: Now Prime and Paint!

prime it wait for that to dry! the reason why is the glue in the paper and cloth will start to go soft once you prime it so wait for it to re dry before handling it again! then finish and paint it! you don't have to but I like to seal it well with some kind of water sealer this way if the mask its on your face or on the wall by a window it can pull moisture from the air or your skin and get weak in spots or get very soft and some times sticky! but if sealed this wont happen. hope you had fun. this was my first instructable so I am sure there are things I could have done better any tips on how to make the next one better are more then welcome.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work, but if you plan on wearing it you might want to include some air holes. Oh, and the word you're looking for is Angel.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    yes there are air holes. I just didn't put that in one of the steps I way over looked that one. and thanks for the heads up on angel over looked that one as well ;)