Darkguy's Knex Turret Pistol - DKTP

About: I like making guns that shoot little plastic pieces. I also like tricking. Yay...

Shoots 50-60 ft -2 bands - yellow rods
Turret mount is not very stable
True trigger

My crack at making a decent knex gun. Criticism wanted.




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    Pretty good for a first post. Though I'd suggest that you make the turret mount more stable, and maybe make the trigger a bit better

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    how is this like the assasin?
    yes i will agree that it is quite flimsy, and uncomfortable, but the pin pull is okay in my opinion.

    As I tell most nOOb knexers (I use the word "nOOb" in its street sense. Yo) I think you should elaborate. Type more, provide more info, give us stats, pros and cons, things like that. As to the gun, its alright, I don't like turret guns, I'm more of a mag kinda guy, but that doesn't matter. Good try, but lets see some good mag guns from you, and you'll earn my sub. :-) And, as always, don't forget to look at some of the other knexers around here. Blue Mullet 2, me, Sharir1701, dr. richtofen, or AUG-5OM3 (this is in no particular order). Have fun!