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Introduction: Darling Doll Chair

This little chair will give your child tons of pleasure when she plays with her dolls. The piece will suit a 45 cm tall doll perfectly. Well-joining parts will help you build an armchair over a couple of nights or during a weekend. The information was derived from WOODMagazine.

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Step 1: Getting Ready

To build the chair, take a ready-made 18 mm thick pine board. Cut it down to 12 mm using a thickness planer.

Cross-cut the board with a disc saw.

Cut the resulting pieces lengthwise according to dimensional parameters.

Step 2: Working With Parts

Draw a bow near the upper edge (R168 mm) of the 235x302 board, which is intended for the back. Cut the needed radius using a hand trimmer and a circle cutter. Apply slight sanding.

The upper cap should be made from a 38x80x400 mm work-piece. Mark the center point. Mark off half the length of the upper cap (149 mm) on both sides of the center point. Go 32 mm to both sides and draw a R168 mm bow-shaped top rail. Cut it out using a hand trimmer and a circle cutter. Move the router 25 mm to the side and cut the upper bow down to the arms.

Trim the resulting work-piece down to the specified size. Trim the sides with an electric hand saw. When necessary, chisel the sides. Trim the edge with a trimmer featuring a R5mm rounding cutter.

Step 3: Сontinue...

Mark out the “tray” and cut all radiuses using a hand jig saw.

Chamfer edges using a trimmer with an R5 rounding cutter.

Cut 25x25 mm legs out of a 30x30 mm with a disc saw. Trim them with a miter saw and leave a 6 mm margin. Cut off the back legs’ bottom ends at a 3° angle and parallel the front legs’ ends at the same angle. Make 3 mm chamfers on all legs’ tips.

Parts of the doll armchair are held together by 5 mm thick Domino insert pins.

Mark out all parts. Cut mortises using a plunge router. Put the chair together without using glue. Fit the parts if necessary. Sand all the parts and prepare them for gluing.

Write the baby's name on the chair’s back. Copy the image onto the panel using a carbon paper.

Step 4: Gluing

The gluing process comprises two stages.

First, put together the two rails, the seat and the tray. Simultaneously, glue two front legs to the rails. Remove excess glue with a damp sponge. Maintain a 90° angle between the seat and the rails using a square-angle ruler. Wait for the glue to dry completely.

Second, connect the just completed part with the back and, at the same time, glue back legs and the top rail to it. Remove excess glue with a damp sponge. Wait for the glue to dry completely.

Put two layers of white Borma oil wax on your doll chair.

You’ve done it. Nice gift for your child!

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    3 years ago

    Beautiful chair! Thanks for sharing your detailed instructions