Dart Gun

Introduction: Dart Gun

this is a rubber band powered dart gun that i made that shots mini darts.

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Step 1: Supplies

What you need is
1. index cards
2. a toy rifle
3. rubber bands
4. skewers
6. a knife
and some tape

Step 2: Step 1

first you need to remove the barrel of the gun. this takes some unscrewing but make sure the the trigger and the firing pin is still working.

then ad a small strip of tape on the firing pin.

Step 3: Nail Time

hammer a small nail where I did both in steps 1 and 2

one near the butt of the gun and the other at the muzzel of the gun

Step 4: Power

now get 3 rubber bands and cut them in half
then tie them all together for one big rubberband
once that is done tie a loop knot in one of the ends

then place it on the nail and pull backwards while pulling backwards put a piece of tape over the rubberbands

And now you are done with the gun

Step 5: Darts

now you need to make the darts

get the skewers and flatten out the blunt end
then make at least 3 fletchings for each dart
next you just tape them on

repeat this step as much as you want

image six is my quiver
it is just a paper towel roll with tape at the bottom

Step 6: Loading and Firing

all you have to do to load it is cock the firing pin pull the rubber band back and put it behind the tape then load a dart and pull the trigger. if the darts get blunt after awhile just sharpen them with your knife.

i am not responsible for any thing that you do with this gun.

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    stealthy woka

    would an old wooden rubberband pistol work? i took off the clip but can put it back on if needed