Darth Maul Star Wars Cake!



Introduction: Darth Maul Star Wars Cake!

Hello, I have been asked to make my cousin a Darth Maul Star Wars cake for his birthday next week. It is a chocolate sponge with vanilla butter icing. This cake is the practice cake I have made hence why it is roughly iced with no crumb coat and has no extra decoration and is very simple. As you can see I am not an artist nor do I have any natural drawing skill at all, however after a few sketches I was able to free hand the Darth Maul image easily onto the cake using black and red icing pens. On the proper cake I plan put the image lower down on the cake and ice Happy Birthday Jake at the top with the cake being framed with alternating black and red dots. So long as you sketch the image first this is a very simple cake to make and I hope someone else will attempt it also :)

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