Darth Pez!!

Introduction: Darth Pez!!

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It's that time of year again when I spend summers away and get creative juices going at high speed.  The down fall, I am the WORST at taking step by step instructions!  Ask away I'll attempt to tell you how I created my Darth Pez.


One Large FedEx box, two cheap kitchen bowls, foam core, hot glue, more random cardboard, nylons, spray paint, house paint, box knife and a pool noodle.

I was in a hurry and while I say it took 7 hrs the truth is a lot of that time was spent yacking.  I have no idea how much actual time was spent on him.  Had I really focused I know it could have been so much cooler, I may make another one day.

Big bummer I created this in a small town and I tend to do things slightly last minute.  So, I ran out of flat black spray paint!  So frustrating.

Here is the fun video of me walking in it and a few more details about the costume:

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