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Sick and tired of sharing a microwave oven with co-workers at the office? Do you heave a little bit everytime you look into one of these?

I have always felt that these ovens suffered from an acute case of microwave diarrhea, as can be seen here. The mere thought of placing my lunch in this putrid box of a thousand freckled meals made my stomach turn. I needed a better way to heat my chili.

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Step 1: A Little Forethought

Enter the sun. My most favorite ball of exploding helium nuclei. There was plenty of it to harness and go around, but I could not simply leave my chili out in the elements for a would be squirrel or illegal immigrant to snatch up.

It was then that I figured that a simple apparatus fashioned from readily available stuff around the office might work. Furthermore if I could place the apparatus on the dashboard of my van it would protect everything from the elements.

Step 2: Gathering the Pieces and Parts

And here is what I dug up in my search.

I scored big with a tin turkey pan I found in the break room.

The plastic bag I made by carefully cutting the wrapping for a package of napkins, and the clips for the bag are just standard magnet clips to hang things up.

I think MacGyver would be proud.

Step 3: Setting It Up

After a bit of cobbling, I placed the bowl of chili (without lid) into the plastic bag to trap in the heat of the sun. Then I placed the bag in the tin pan. FInallt I arranged the pan in the front of my dashboard facing the sun, and let things cook for about two hours.

The result?

Step 4: The Result?

A perfectly heated bowl of chili that I enjoyed.

Mission accomplished even if it was a bit on the white trash side.

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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Why not just make a stand for the cigarette lighter and make a stove? Sounds like fun to me!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I once painted a can of soup black and set it on my dash in a pie tin and found it worked quite well.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea ! ! With a little fore planning you could probably make it more efficent (and you got my mind engaged now! ) A deeper foil pan from the dollar store cut to the angle of your windshield, or a foil lined cardboard box cut to fit and properly supported , i.e. small legs to lift the box of the dash and prevent warping etc .... hmmmm I can see this being used in a lot of parking lots and construction sites ! !


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Use 0506080951-00.jpg as image #1 it looks much better as a thumbnail.



    10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh yea, what a good idea. Sit in your car with the doors open listening to music while you munch-lunch? L