Data : From Excel to AutoCAD

Introduction: Data : From Excel to AutoCAD

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You can extract the data from an excel file (without opening it) and use it inside an AutoCAD file for drawing objects;
This is just an example on How to use the data from Excel Cells inside the CAD drawing to Automate the Autocad drawing process.

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Step 1: Steps

Go to VBA Editor and insert a module (Module1)

Paste following code inside (screenshot)

Save the macro as datafromexcel.dvb (or any other name you prefer with *.dvb extension)

save the drawing filecreate an Excel file (in your D drive) and enter some text/number inside cell (A:1) then save it and close.

Insert a toolbar and a button inside CAD file (refer previous articles)

link vba with button using the code ^C^C_-vbarun;Module1.clickedSet up the autoload

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