Date Predictor Magic Trick

Attached is the PDF step by step instructions for my original Date Predictor Magic Trick.
Please be careful when using sissors to cut out objects from the PDF download.
13 coins are placed face down on the points and a date prediction is written down.
Any number between 10 - 30 is freely selected.
When you count up to the selected number, then back, you reveal your correct prediction!
Although I use coins, this trick can use objects, cards, names, events etc.
As in all magic tricks, presentation is of the utmost importance.
This trick can be repeated by moving the starting location and knowing the end location (see instructions)
Have fun, and if asked "how 's it done?", respond by saying "Can you keep a secret?" when they say "Yes."
you reply "So can I."
Once you understand the basic principle of how this works, be creative, make different designs, but most of all...enjoy.

Mr. Magic Man

Step 1: The Start

The attached PDF has the cut-out shown below.  Be careful using sissors and cut out the 2 pieces shown.

Step 2: Step 1 of Trick

Place the 2 pieces on the table as shown in Step below

( The X shows the “secret location” ) of the ending location.

Step 3: Step 2

Get 13 coins and place “face down”

( Remember the date of the coin at X )

Write down the date remembered, fold paper and

explain that this is the Prediction.

Step 4: Step 3

Have a number selected between 10 - 30 and explain

that you will count up, then back.

Count “up” as shown in step 3 (ie. 15 selected)

Coins not shown for ease of explanation.

Step 5: Step 4

Count “back” as shown in step 4, you will end up at

the X location, flip the coin, show your prediction.

This picture shows you counting "back" again with

the example of 15 selected. 

Coins not shown for ease of explanation.

Step 6: Final Thoughts

Although ANY number greater than 7 can be chosen, the trick works best when you are well around the large star/circle.

Once you understand the relationship from where you place the 5 small stars to the final X you can just move the starting place

and already know where you will end up.

Count "up", count "back" and amaze everyone.

I entered this specifically for the Laser Etcher contest, so I could make awesome etchings of this trick, as well as others.

A Laser etcher, especiall the Hurricane is wonderful.  I will etch on mirrors, leather, cloth, and wood and make amazing tricks.

Thank you.



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