Date of Birth Circuit

Introduction: Date of Birth Circuit

This tutorial will teach and show you how to make a date of birth circuit using your birthday. I will be using the circuit I already assembled as an example for this tutorial.  

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Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials you will need are notebook paper, ls7400, ls7402, resistor pack 220 ohm, assorted colored wire, a breadboard, a breadboard companion and a 9v battery. (all stuff needed is pictured above)

Step 2: Creating Your Truth Table and K-maps

The first thing you will need to do is to create your truth table that will display your date of birth correctly on a seven segment display. (mine is pictured above). after you make your truth table you will need to create your k-maps using your truth table. (pictured above). after you do both of those things you will be able to produce the word your circuit will need to make with your k-maps by grouping your 1's.

Step 3: Drawing Your Circuits in AOI and NAND/NOR

Using the words you created from the K-maps you should proceed on to drawing your circuits before making them on multisim. Once you have created your NAND/NOR circuits you can proceed to cancelling out you redundant inverters. 

Step 4: Makeing on Multisim

Now that you have drawn your circuits and simplified them you can then move on to creating and testing your circuit on multisim. you should test each circuit as you build them on multisim to make sure they work correctly.

Step 5: Breadboarding Your Circuits

Now that you have done all of the boring writing and drawing you can move on to the fun and exciting breadboarding portion of the project. You should set up your Breadbored with your ls7400 chips and ls7402 chips in the order that seems the least confusing to you and begin making your circuits. (Reminder you should test each circuit before moving on to the next to avoid confusion) 

Step 6: Finished Product

Now you have finished all of your circuit building your 7 segment display should read you birthdate when you companion switches are switched in order from 0-7 in binary code. congratulations you have just completed your date of birth circuit and as you will soon find out there is an easier way to build it just as I had found out after I built mine. 

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    Is your Digital Electronics Teacher making you post it on Instructables? I had to do the same project about 2 years ago but we never posted it on the internet now I am seeing several at once.