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Introduction: Daughter Knife Making

Jatagan comforted me all in one place, so no hunting here and there. Just got a little afraid of their own ineptitude. However, ordering ...

The knife will have a blade Polar 77, will hand folded Wenge wood, camel bone, black Fibre
and alpacas (1mm). Patronage consists of two nickel silver washers (vel. 30) and again the black fibrates.

First comes the finish pad on the handset. As I wrote to offer not just tools, but mostly I inherited everything, so cut on homemade small circular saw. Since it is a small size, I recommend you use a guide rail, in my case, even the rest of the board, between which a disc can you measure the required size and fixed clamps to the plate saws. I have a better chance to come on the fingers (circular'm scared as the devil) and the cut will be straight.

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Step 1: Step 1

Now comes the drilled hole rap knives.It could use a drill press but here I have not, so again improvisation. When drilling a poison check direction, but unfortunately can not see from the meters so simple principle lathe. The table in front of a vise to fasten the guide plate, as before u saw me and she will drill for drilling in a straight direction (fortunately drill is not round, the parties have flat surfaces, so slip sideways). Moving the billet in a vise up, always on the diameter of the drill can drill four holes which ultimately small and fixed with a file will be combined.

Step 2: Step 2

On the series comes blade. Because I want to stay knife in a "vintage" style, I rub her completely. I use emery rudeness 1500 to remove the coating after quenching and then polish paste Tempo (used to revive the old car varnishes). The knife is clean but retains a certain patina. To use a cotton polishing disc to disc grinder.

I recommend great caution, if the blade caught the blade, it is able to grant a relatively high speed and at the moment is not very good stand in the flight path of the blade. During polishing, the paste must be applied to the wheel (not on the blade) uniformly over the entire circumference

Step 3: Step 3

The preparation is basically a piece profile. It's good to use a little heavier stock to nerozvíral. Because I want to handle fold, after drilling a hole for rap, I cut it, put ivory and alpaca pads. These materials give fiber, after all, my little offset inequalities between hard material and after grinding it looks nice. Because I handle cutting angle, I have to insert it into a product that prevents that area after another while clamping shifted..

I have roughly tested here are all parts of the knife. When drilling the inner pads I've had to deal with an accuracy of holes, at least get there more adhesive (still will handle pretty thin. What is important to grind all the contact surfaces so well abut each other, fiber me everything equal. I grind on sandpaper rests on flat surface (just a desk, I do not directly on the glass) The only part that you sand them into finishing the upper part of the sponsorship, after sticking a knife in it get it, I scratched blade and abrasive paste no longer want to polish it. Last thing- a file will do a couple of notches to rap, to me better kept adhesive.

Before I start to stick a knife, prepare a clamp (also purchased at Jatagan, we can get there very decent tools), medicine to fix the handle and above all, one important thing. The product shall explain baking paper. If someone like patlal like me, he can become the glue spilled a little hand sticking to the product. Baking paper adhesive will not flow, and if it sticks, we can grind much better than the steel plant.

It can always just one face, the adhesive is still a bit thicker, it would be him too. After I put the assembly in the fixture and then pull in the clamp. I preheated the oven to about 200, and sup with him. I bake about 20 .A proceed with the actual gluing. I use two component UHU endfest 300 (the first photo)

After baking and cooling can start to grind. Since I do not have a belt sander but only disc, I have to improvise again. On a sandpaper disc-shaped obkreslím Cut and fasten the grinder along with the disc. Cutting out disks of 1 cm having a larger diameter than the grinding wheel. Then across the county discs grind and interior arches and basically deliver the handset almost final shape without the use of additional tools. I recommend them to produce at least five, if not sharp emery, will burn wood, still has a rotary sanding machine far faster speed than the band. Not the stuff you cut even finer emery discs for the removal of sanding

When sharpening the blade to wrap the paper and stuck onto paper tape. I do not recommend gluing tape directly on the blade, glue on her remains and I will not rub it.

I have basic knife....

I discovered a beautiful Wenge wood pattern in shades of milk and dark chocolate. Changing sanding disc for a finer grind and final appearance of the handset. Finally, the paper manually rudeness 1500 to destroy the last vestiges of coarse paper. The wood is very well polished, it looks like this after sanding and wiping cloth

Now will follow the bath in carnauba wax. Before I came to it, I got a little sweat. On the stove, I started cooking oil, candles, I did not even warmed up. I tried cooker, it was too much. Finally, I managed a camping stove, a small torch and can regulate it so that the oil is heated to just below boiling point. I thermometer, however, can be recognized by that the bottom of the water bath to begin to form bubbles, but do not rise upwards. Well, everyone knows that our altitude water boils at 96.4 degrees, so that the oil is at a temperature between about 80-90 degrees (of course, I found it on the net, boiling point is related to the air pressure).

By letting the wax bath at this temperature for about two hours. Wipe excess wax, I'll have to drain and cool again, and then polish with a cotton disc. Attention must be clean and do not use at the same pace, it gets into the wood structure and it is then removed. So polished finished, we go to the finals

Here is the final form of the blade bushing, that is not to brag about my own making. I used the sleeve of a lost knife, I shortened down again sewed, added a string to hang on the neck decorated with beads from the remains of the billet Wenge. My friend had to go monogram

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    4 years ago

    Knife and holder are beyond beautiful! Anyone would be blessed to have this. Very nice work.