David and Hongly's Machine

Introduction: David and Hongly's Machine

About: This is a collection of projects made by students at the Liger Learning Center. We are a learning facility which provides a 21st century education to gifted and talented students from around Cambodia.

We made a machine toy using cardboard

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Step 1: Make a Plan

First we make a plan for your toy

Step 2: Cut the Card Board

We find the cardboard and we put small cardboard nearly back cardboard near the back is 10.cm . We draw rectangle near the half

Step 3: Make the Hold

We make the hold on the box and than we put the stick into the hold from one side to .another side and put hot glue.

Step 4: For Move

First we take wire and we cut the cardboard to circle and we put hot glue.

Step 5: We Put the Straw in Hold

First we take two straw and we put glue gun and we wait 5minute and we put the straw go in the hole.

Step 6: Put Cam

We take a cardboard and we cut into cam and we put the cam in straw and we take in them into the hold.

Step 7: Draw and Cut

First we draw a person and we cut and we take stick and we put glue hot on the back of a person and we put them put in the little cardboard near 10cm.

Step 8: Wine Bottle Cork

First we put cork half of cork and we put stick in a half and we put a cam push bottom.

Step 9: Paint and Draw

First we draw a line and we paint now we has simple machine.

Step 10: Simple Machin

Now we has simple machine the and

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You have used some very bright colours on your machine. I really like it!