Davinch - Knex Ball Machine




Introduction: Davinch - Knex Ball Machine



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    I really wish this marvel of a design could've been posted when it was possible to. It is just a perfect little complex .:-(

    Would you like me to create a Instructable on your Wheel Lift?

    Could you make a tutorial of that first lift please?

    Official guide to ball machine lifts states that lift wheels with holes are tilted. Is this lift wheel tilted because I'd love to make an instructable for the community since they wanted to know how to make one.

    Thanks for all your reactions! I hope I see some more small ball machines on ibles in the future ;-). And I'm sorry about the bad lightening in the video (it was my first video and I recorded it with a photo-camera that can vid 15 secs =P).

    Very cool! There are some pretty nice elements in here. I really like this, I rate it 4.5 and fav.

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