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About: I've been making movies as a hobby for nearly 8 years now, and I've always enjoyed the fantastical and imaginative. I occasionally take on the challenge of trying to construct some recreations.

A Davy Jones costume I made in about 2 weeks for under $100.

A latex mask (made with the same method seen here) added onto clothes torn and aged, with lots of seashells hot glued onto them. Scrap pieces of cloth and clay added more details. Claw arm and peg leg made out of foam boards, oatmeal containers, and plaster strips. Hat made of a cheap foamy hat expanded with a yellow trim. Pipe made out of clay, sword made out of a yardstick.



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    Saw your YouTube channel awesome costume

    alexthemoviegeek it's an amazing job, but how did you do for making the davy jones leg? i mean, sizes or did you use a mold? Because i just triying to do but it's enought hard the same thing with the claw... please help me.

    hi there, i just found you here. I wonder if you can make one full set for me and don't mind paying. Please contact me at rose@costumesempire.com
    keep up with your good work!

    Wonderful! Loved the video and the no-sew adaptations! Attention to detail is amazing! Thank you for all the ideas! Two questions---1) how much latex did you need and 2) where do you buy it?

    Alex you have a great talent making your costumes. Good job! you really help me up to get my ideas for making my mask for this halloween.

    I can´t hardly believe my eyes!!!! That's incredible!!!!!!
    You are an artist... and you make it look so easy

    WOW! You are so talented and have a brilliant mind for design! It looks great, and very creative with the mask. Very well done!

    it's soo beautiful its a pitty that it all yellow so i found this link on painting techniques for you. i am eager to see it when you paint t, great job


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    Yeah, that site's great. Next time, baby. I would have used some cream makeup to add other colors, but I didn't have any darker colors.

    This guy did a fantastic Davy Jones. He's crazy with oil paints and all that.


    This is just so awesome, too bad in Holland we don't really celebrate Halloween :(

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    Aww, that's really to bad. It's like cosplaying, except the whole city/state/country/world does it. :P

    Hey, what is that wood burning tool? I've seen it referenced in some other Instructables and I still don't know what it is.

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