Day at the Beach

Introduction: Day at the Beach

Make your collection from the beach into a necklace.

Step 1: Have a Fantastic Time?

Was your day at the beach full of fun, friendship, relaxation and appreciation of nature? Lucky you! Get up and go beach combing to find some items for your "memorable necklace". Thanks to Ray and Risa for photo.

Step 2: Have Fun Collecting

Get some exercise, take a walk on the beach and find treasures. Look what I found!

Step 3: Use Some Soap

Don't forget to clean your items and dry them when you get them home.

Step 4: "Save the Date"

What a great day at the beach! Use a permanent marking pen to write the date and add a drawing to your beach stone. Memories made!

Step 5: Get Some New Wire

Don't use rusted beach wire for your project. Pick up the old wire from the beach and recycle. Clean the beach for others. You will need approximately 24 to 28 gauge wire. Hardware store wire is great for this project.

Step 6: Drill Some Holes

Drill some holes in the softer items that you brought home from the beach.

Step 7: Wrap Items Too Hard to Drill

Sea glass takes a more advanced set up to drill. However, it is no trouble to wrap and twist a loop at the top to hang. Cut off extra wire and crimp.

Step 8: Wrap Feathers and Cut Ends

Wrap your feathers and trim ends. Make a loop at the end to use to attach to your necklace.

Step 9: Use Glue to Strengthen Shell

I like to paint on white glue to strengthen the shells. It drys to be transparent. For the crab shell, I actually dipped some tissue in glue and stuffed the crab shell for support before adding a jump ring in the hole.

Step 10: Arrange Your Treasures

Try different arrangements of your items to find one that you like. Design for a balanced look when pieces are hung.

Step 11: Wrap the Seaweed

Make a loop at one end of the driftwood. Hold seaweed close to the driftwood and wrap with the other long end of the wire.

Step 12: Attach With Jumprings

To make jumprings wrap a pencil with wire. Remove and cut where the circle of wire is complete. Use your jumprings to attach the treasures from the beach to the loosely wrapped wire around the wood and seaweed.

Step 13: Add Leather or Chain and Wear

Add leather or chain to complete your necklace. Enjoy your necklace reminder of a great day at the beach!!

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