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day of death bread
It is a traditional Mexican bread, is made once a year from November 2 to celebrate the dead
It is a bread full of symbols and tradition
It is of circular shape, representing the cycle of life and death. The ball above represents the skull or the heart
Cross-shaped strips are the bones or spill tears for the dead
Crossed bones also represent the 4 cardinal points of the Aztec calendar

we going to need

*flour 250g
* 1 egg
* 7.5 g dry yeast
*sugar 75g
* warm milk 100ml
*3 g salt
*butter 45g
*1 orange zest
1 tsp azahar Essence

to decorate sugar
make 4 pieces

Step 1: Active Your Yeast

put your yeast , 1 TBS sugar , 1 TBS warm Milk,1 TBS flour
mix and put in some warm place about 5 minutes

Step 2: Let Start the Dough

put in your mixer
all ingredients and mix until combine

Step 3: Finish Your Dough

When all is blended, add activated yeast and mix until have a nice Dough and continue mixing for 5 minutes

Step 4: Let Them Rest

put your Dough in another bowl am put a Litle bit of oil ok top t Dough ,
Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for an hour in a warm place

Step 5: Work Your Dough

1 hour later transfer your Dough to one surface with flour punch and work your Dough about 5 minutes cut in 4 parts

Step 6: Buid Your Bread

when you divide un 4 parts take about 1/6 to the every part to make the Bones AND make yor ball with the rest

Step 7: Lets. Make the Bones

To assemble the bones take 1/6 part of each of the balls, divides this part 3 and do a strip running between your fingers as seen in the picture, with two parties and one do a ball up

put over your doughs cross AND Let them rest 10 minutes ,

Step 8: Finish Your Bread

bake about 15 minutes 180°c or when you se the top nice AND gold put sugar on top and enjoy :)

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    11 months ago

    Just wanted to mention that, in case someone wants to try this, the "azahar" essence is called orange blossom essence and it can be easily found in either an Indian or Asian market.
    Great recipe. It's how I make mine!