Day-to-Day K'nex Assault Rifle




An Assault Rifle made for day-to-day use, very durable, medium power, enough for field missions, not very prone to misfires, right now i am desperate for mods so that this gun can have features like others. I also must apologize for the really bad pics, dont comment to take more pics, i cant do any better! Oh yea this is my first instructable, so don't bother being nice, i don't stand for douches though xD

ty to faust for the awesome trigger :D

dont forget to mod and comment

if you do come up with a mod please pm me and i will add it to this, do not make your own instructable for it!!


Step 1: Frame

Build the long streak of blue connectors twice, one with the white bars as shown, then make the orange connectors as shown and put them on the white pieces, then connect that to the other side of the body and you have it!

Step 2: Front Reinforcements

These are here to make it more durable in the field of combat :D

follow the steps and make one, then make a copy of it with the white piece where noted!!

attach these two together and then you can put it on the body!
and remember to get every last joint joined!

Step 3: :( Trigger

I used the smile because this is the hardest part of the gun to build, it is sorta a copy of fausts, it is pretty awesome

alright the pics mostly speak for themselves but you do need to be careful when connecting them witht he blue rods!

once you've done that, you can attach it to the body using the two grey pieces!

Step 4: The Actuall Trigger!

this is where we put on the part that you actully pull on xD

this is kinda hard to understand from pictures and i don't really know what to say, so I'll post better directions once i get comments....

Step 5: Rear Reinforcements

These reinforcements are for the back of the gun, same reason as the front ones, 'cept these also help protect the trigger, we really don't want that broken, now do we?

First you need to make the (white) pieces like shown (connected) then connect two (yellow) pieces with a white rod, add two (white) connectors and put it all together! Don't forget to add the two blue pieces on there!!!

Step 6: Handle

this is the part where we add the handle for carrying the gun, very strong handle also!

Step 7: Firing Pin

the pin that fires the bullets aka the ram

needs ducky tape

Step 8: Finishing Touches

and now to finish the gun! first is that you add those yellows to the front handle for extra comfort, next the white piece over the firing pin very important, then the piece that keeps the trigger from falling out of place blue rod and y connector. The pics then show you how to put the rubber bands on.



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    18 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 2

    This is a great gun but pics are a little blurry and hard to know what to do sometimes. =)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    could you at least rearrange the pictures in each step so that it starts with the basic parts of each section of the gun and works up to the completed section? also, try holding the camera still better, or putting it on a surface. trust me, doing this make shtem look a lot better without a better camera. for example, take this picture of my heavily modded K-RSAR: that picture was taken with my crappy, lenseless cell camera with me standing up.

    2 replies

    lol my camera was on a stand when i took those pics, that how much it fails, but i did find out why lol the camera was set to macro mode lol


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    try it its actuuly quite comfortable, and the front handle, the two yellow peices are adjustable for comfort :)