Daybed/reading Nook




Didn't get any pictures before cutting into the wall but the far hole shows a closet that was previously there....The girls room closet was also on the inside of this wall....The plan was for a twin to go in this space and be flush with the wall but the girls full bed was available so we went with that...This was a non weight bearing wall so 2x4 studs would do the job in framing...

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Step 1: Daybed Reading Lounger

Now we have put in the plywood base for the bed and I'm doing a little sheetrock which i had never done before...I guess a couple extra specifics i left out on the first slide....The whole measured 78 inches wide and we had the base 18 inches off the floor...The ceiling drop was made low enough to feel cozy without anyone cranking their head on it...The plywood deck is removable so provides some storage also...

The next picture shows more sheet rock work that is not to be admired but we troweled on joint compound so i wasn't too worried about floating and taping or texture...

The last picture is basically done...minus books on the shelf....I also added another opening on the side wall that was intended to be a pantry for the kitchen but a fish tank seemed much more fun...will include a pic later if i can figure that out...

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