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Have you ever thought of making decorations with construction paper? If you did, cheers! For a long time, I associated it with children, daycare, kindergarten and elementary school. In my mind, I saw faded, muddy colors; with an unfinished appearance. In short, I thought it unrefined; I was wrong. Today, construction paper is no longer child’s play. The colors are vivid and brilliant and it's a legitimate material to consider in paper crafts for adults. And so, it stars in my new experiments.

Step 1: Cut and Mark a Line

Cut a rectangle of paper; select and bottom edge; use a straight edge and a pencil to mark a line about 1/2” in from bottom. ( I used 9" x 4 1/2")

Tools and Materials

Glue gun, Glue sticks, and White glue Scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks

Markers, Pencil, Pencil crayons, ruler or straight edge

Craft paint and/or food coloring, wire or wooden skewers for stems

Coffee filters, Cupcake liners, floral tape or paper to cover stems

Construction paper, paper napkins and other papers

Q-tips glitter or other types of pompoms, buttons etc.

Small purchased flowers (optional) Or come up with your own ideas.

You do not need all of the above to make your flower(s). Many the items are there to offer quick suggestions for creating diverse blooms.

Step 2: Fringe Entire Rectangle

With scissors, cut narrow strips to the marked line; being careful not to cut through the edge. Continue cutting until you have finished fringing the entire rectangle.

Alternately, you may draw lines and use a craft knife and cutting mat to slash paper.

Note: Incorporate edge scissors if you have them on hand. They alter outlines and make a remarkable difference. Flowers may also be used without stems as gift toppers.

Step 3: Attach Stem to Fringe/Petals

Secure stem to paper by applying a small amount of hot glue at bottom edge of paper, place stem onto glue and roll. (Use caution with hot glue). Continue rolling and applying small amounts of glue at every complete turn, until you have come to the end of the fringed paper.

You will find glue sticks and white glue not strong enough to secure wire and bamboo stems to paper. For that reason, hot glue is a better option. You only need apply it at the beginning and the end of rolling; at every other turn, a glue stick works.

Step 4: Curl and Adjust Petals

Curl and adjust petals as desired; apply a small amount of glue in hollow middle of flower and cover with chosen center. Again; if using any other material outside of paper, hot glue is a quick and easy choice.

Note: Applying a center is optional; you may omit center and add more petals/fringe for a fuller flower.

This simple method produces a versatile base: In smaller sizes, it works as centers for other flowers; Too, using additional layers of fringe will yield flowers much like Zinnias and Asters.
Simply attaching different centres in the hollow middle, will produce a variety of flowers. See above near right and far right.

If you're not making a composite flower, cover stems to finish.

To cover stems: Stretch a piece of the floral tape; hold the stem of the flower in one hand and the tape in the other. Continue by placing the tape over the top of the stem; holding it on an angle, cover raw edges of petals; twisting wire or skewer until it is entirely covered.

But you don't have to stop there.

In the next steps we'll add another layer in a different colour to create a bolder composite flower

Step 5: Fold Triangles

Fold a sheet of construction paper in a triangle and cut off excess; fold a second time, to form a smaller triangle; fold yet again to create an even smaller one.

Step 6: Cut Petals

Preparing to cut, fold triangles a fourth time. See image above left. To create petals, hold all layers of paper together. Starting from lowest creased point, going up to point where all layers of paper meet, cut triangle in an oval shape; unfold.

Note: Cut petals in whatever shapes you desire; it's at the heart of variation.

Step 7: Cut and Remove Petal Section

Use scissors to cut out a section of one petal - leaving a 1/2” inch intact on one side - creating an underlap.

Step 8: Join Petals

Use a glue stick to apply adhesive along the underlap. See image above.

Join entire unit together by placing edge of neighbouring petal, on top of glued underlap section.

Step 9: Pierce Hole in Middle of Petals Unit

When dry, use a wooden/bamboo skewer or similar object to poke a hole through middle of joined petals.

To accommodate larger stems and centers, use scissors to snip and widen opening in middle.

Step 10: Apply Flower Into Flower

Apply hot glue in a circle at middle of petals; push the first finished flower, through the opening of new petals unit; carefully press base to stem with fingers. (Use caution with hot glue)

If you started with the intention to make composite flowers, complete by covering stems.

If you completed the first flower in step 4 and decide to make a combination flower, you'll only need to use a small piece of floral tape to cover the exposed areas at this point.

While you can generate beautiful flowers using only construction paper, when creating centers, I encourage you to experiment with other materials. See examples above.

Above: Near left, the pink center is structured exactly as its green counterpart. (Except for the pompom in the middle)

Above: Near right, black base petals filled with a circle of fringed paper napkins creates an eye-caching center.

Above: Right, a glitter pompom surrounded by a dip-dyed, paper napkin fringe; and encircled with pointed shaped petals; makes a striking flower.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

Spring is in the air! Now is the perfect time to grab your ideas, along with a package of construction paper; and create some brilliant flowers.

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