Simple Generator

Introduction: Simple Generator

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Dc motor science projects. Here you can learn about how to make a small generator, alternative current 230 V, using a coil without core, a neodymium magnet sphere, a dc motor and a battery, which can light up a bulb 11 W 230 V

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Step 1: Materials

1. 40 ohms coil – inside an Ac motor shredder 230 V

2. 3.7 V dc motor – inside an electric screw driver 3,7 V C. battery : 3,7 V battery or 12 V Ups cell + PWM controller 3. neodymium magnet sphere 30 or 40 mm diameter

4. metal case screw pot to fix the sphere – remove the inside magnet from the neodymium screw pot magnet

5. plastic tube – used to fix the metal case to the dc motor ax – inside the case of a car toy or buid a metal one – advanced

6. power switch + wires + bulb – 11 W 230 V + socket E 27

Step 2: Assemble the Components

Assemble all the components.

a sciencetoolbar project

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