Dc Voltage Current Meter

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the dc volt and ammeter is use to test circuit or measure power flow through many sources.i make 3 unit in one you can make as your need

Step 1: Parts Neerd

  • digital volt ammeter
  • 4mm banana tetminal
  • Encloser (I use old cd rom case)
  • wooden pice
  • power supply

Step 2: Connection of Display

this is connection of display to banana terminal also power for display

the connection of display may be change as display change

Step 3: Make Sutable Measurement

make suatable measurement

Step 4: Power Supply

i make 5V power supply for display you can use 5V smps also

Step 5: Assambly

connect all parts together

Step 6: Done

you watch video for more info



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    2 Discussions


    7 months ago on Step 6

    If the current meter is measuring on the "low side" then this method makes the grounds all different, and not really grounds at all. Do you know if your current meter is "low side", or what I like better "high side"?

    1 reply
    EE MAKER LABruss_hensel

    Reply 7 months ago

    great question my friend here display measure low side current only we cant change it also we can not change the measurement polarity