De Allesmaker

Introduction: De Allesmaker

De Allesmaker (Make-everyhtig-o-bot) is a machine designed for kids. It is part of a school project called ‘My Machine’.

During this project we had to design ‘the dream machine’ of some children. Obviously, these children came up with some creative ideas. We interpreted the kids' creative thoughts and turned them into a realistic ‘dream machine’.

The kids wanted a machine that was able to make ‘everything you want’ out of garbage. Following this idea, we made a 'workshop-in-a-box’ where kids can make ‘everything’ they can think of.

Outside the box, the children have to order something they want while they drop garbage (cardboard, PET bottles… ) in the hatch. Now, the kids inside the machine can make the desired object out of the given materials. We designed some ‘sneak-peaks’, so the kids outside the box can see the progress of what the others are making. Nevertheless, those sneak-peaks don't show it all: everything that happens inside the machine is kept mysterious!

Of course it is not possible to make every imaginable object with our ’dream machine’. Our purpose is to get children acquainted with the upcycling idea and so use their creativity to make useful and fun things out of garbage. It is also important to make them familiar with the environmental problems the modern society has to cope with today. Furthermore, this ‘dream machine’ offers a possibility to anticipate on these environmental problems.

Being creative will be important and useful for the rest of their lives!


This guide shows you how to assemble the machine. If you would like to make this machine in real life, you can find all the 2D drawings in the last step (Technical drawings).




(c.2007 All ideas, concepts, drawings, pictures, videos, documents,
posters, comments, mock-up scale models, prototypes and machines that are developed in the context of MyMachine are the property of MyMachine vzw.

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from MyMachine vzw is strictly prohibited. MyMachine vzw is a social profit organization that fosters creativity, entrepreneurship, open education and STEM in education.)

Step 1: Assembling the Frame

Put the four frame parts together, use the bolts to fix them. Holes are provided. The frame parts are marked to make sure you assemble the parts in the right order.

Step 2: Assembling Each Component

Some of the components have to be assembled before they are mounted into the frame.

- Workbench
- Storage shelf
- Rotating rack
- Tube station
- Treadmill
- Part of the speleology box

Step 3: Placement of the Components

All the inner components have to be placed inside the frame before the exterior panels are mounted. Indications on the frame show where those components have to be put and fastened.

Step 4: Fixation of the Exterior Panels

Mount the exterior panels, together with the remaining components (such as sneak peaks, cranks, strip curtains, inspiration chart,..).

Step 5: Fixation of the Electronic Components

Place the electric lines, together with the electronic devices.

Step 6: Be Creative and Make Everything You Want

A cardbord tube beaker, PET-rockets, tennis ball stuff holder or fun can make it all yourself!

Step 7: Technical Drawings

If you want to make this machine, it will be handy to have the 2D drawings. Here they are.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Such a great idea! I love this program, it looks so awesome.