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Introduction: De Chillzetel

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We (a group of four people) are students from HoWest, Belgium.

The task was to make a 'dream machine'.

First we went to a primary school. The kids invented machines they really would like to have. After that we chosen the 3 best inventions of the kids. Later we presented it for a jury of HoWest and they chose the best one.

Our task was to make that dream machine so that later on, a kid would see his/her dream machine come to reality.

So we did...

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Step 1: The Materials

1. 12x Wooden beams 38/38/210

2. 12x Angle Mounts

3. 4x Shopping cart wheels

4. Screws

5. 2x bicycle wheels

6. Wood Glue

7. Fabric

8. 2x pillows

9. 2x wooden handles

10. 4x round plastic boxes

11. 4x boxes

12. 1 head massage tool

13. 1 small chalkboard

14. two metal shafts

15. 4 pairs of different massage parts

16. 2 MDF boards

17. 120 cm velcro

18. 2 cupholders

19. 'Jurgen' license

20. 1 pillow

21. A lot of nuts and bolts

Step 2: Frame Material

1.Cut the beams to the right size. 130cm 2x / 4x 108cm

Step 3: Frame Base

Lay the basic shape of the seat with the beams

Step 4: Frame Base Attachments

Fasten the basic shape to each other with screws and corner fixings

Step 5: Frame

Cut the bars to the right size that are going to stand vertical of (4 x 78cm) and then attach to the frame.

The dimension of the diagonal side is 129.3 cm.

Step 6: Center Console

You need a plate (multiplex) of 62.4 cm on 25 for the cup holders.

And a plate (multiplex) 68 cm on 30 cm for the music boxes.

For the cup holders we chose for a penholder that is big enough to hold a 0,5 bottle.

Now it's a little bit tricky, first we fasten the cup holder plate on the frame.

Then we cut a groove in the cup plate, this groove will be filled with glue. The top of the box plate will be fastened with 2 screws. The bottom of the plate will be placed in the groove (filled with glue).

Step 7: The Wheels

You need 2 wheels from an old childs bike, for example.

Depending on the size of your wheels you need to construct a square case.

For the frontwheels you need the shopping cart wheels. To place the wheels we need to add an assistance block.

To add the wheels to the frame you need an overlapping wooden shelf.

Step 8: The Handling Bars

The shape of these bars are made with sandpaper.

These are attached on the frame with on each side 2 screws.

Step 9: Paint

Now you can paint the frame.

Step 10: Sitting Area






-Sewing machine

-marker of tailors chalk


1. Cut a piece of foam by 40x140cm.

(this piece of foam has a thickness of 2cm)

2. Lay 2 layers of fabric (around 200x50cm) on each other. Pay attention that you have to work inside out.

3. Sew the longest side together.

Optional: you can sew a second line for more firmness.

4. Cut what remains of te fabric until 1cm of the outer line that you just had sewn.

Optional: you can sew the 2 parts together against fray.

5. Measure right-angled from the inner sewn line: 44cm (cause the foam has a thickness of 2cm, that means 40cm + 2x 2cm)

Than you draw a line over the whole length. You can use pins to keep everything in place.

6. Repeat step 3 and 4.

7. If your fabric is 200cm long you measure about 20 cm from the border and you draw a right-angled line. Than stich the row together.

8. Put the foam in the fabric. And sew the other side together.

9. Repeat every step until you have 2 seats for the “chillzetel”.

Step 11: Massage Parts

The steel bars are connected with the frame with a metric spindle.

Remark: First you need your wooden massage parts before you can attach the bars.

You can choose how you model the wooden parts.

Step 12: Lever

This is the part that will make it possible to turn the spindle (with the massage parts). We made this out of wood, but we recommend that you also make this out of steel.

The handle is a piece you can buy in the local DIY-shops.

Step 13: Result

Step 14: How Does It Work

- On the seats are wheels attached so that it can be pushed around the playground in school. Because of the 4 shopping cart wheels, it can be quickly turned around.

- The main shaft is attached with one rear wheel gear. Therefore the back of the child who sits in the seat will be massaged when the seat is pushed around.The upper massage parts will be operated manually by another kid. This will need to be turned by a lever to rotate the massage parts.

- The head massage component will be operated manually by the person pushing the seat. He / she will also push the massage part.

- The head massage part is only on one side. On the other hand, there is a cushion foot bath. The child will put his feet in that cushion for a relaxed feeling.

- Finally, the seat can play music. The child can connect his IPad, IPhone or IPod to the boxes. Here the child has the ability to play music he / she likes to hear or watch a movie.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a pretty neat idea for some portable chairs!

    What's the translation of "De Chillzetel"?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The literal translation is chill seat, it's a seat where you can relax. 2 people can enjoy a massage and listen to their music, while 2 people push them around. It's a dream machine of a 11 year old pupil.