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We are three young students from HoWest, a college in Belgium. We got the assignment to create a dream machine for pupils of the fifth grade. We visited the primary school and there the children have drawn their own dream machine. Out of all these drawings we picked out one which we have tried to realize as best as possible. The drawing reflects the dream machine of the 10 year old child. He has drawn a teleportation machine and a sport machine as well.
He wanted to see one of these machines realized, so we started enthusiastically to bring it to a good end.

We designed a teleportation machine. In the next steps you can see how to create such time machine on your own. Please be aware that the teleportation machine is a scale model, while the following steps will describe the creation of a time machine on full-scale.

Step 1: Requisites

Step 2: The Materials

Step 3: Assembly 1

Step 4: Assembly 2

Step 5: Assembly 3

Step 6: Assembly 4

Step 7: Assmbly 5

Step 8:



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