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Introduction: DeLorean BTTF Inspired Papercraft

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Having been born in the 80s, some of my favorite childhood memories include watching Back To The Future. After completing my time machine I’ve gone back to the past at 88 miles per hour to create a papercraft set inspired by this epic movie trilogy and the iconic DeLorean DMC-12 car. Time Machine length 2.6ft (80cm), Stock Model length 1.7ft (50cm).



Watch this video to see how these Back To The Future inspired models were created from the only material designed for time travel.



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    29 Discussions

    TIP: If you cheat or hack instructables webpage, You will be banned in 30 months in Instuctables webpage.

    TIP: Wait 500 days for Delorean vehicles are 50% Off.

    Quiz: Do you know what goes superfast and lot of grip and has agera lights on back?

    You know?

    A: One:1, B: Impala or C: RAV4?

    I think that one could afford to be scared that the fire in those first pics would burn up the car...

    4 replies

    Theese traingale black with square holes are thurstesrs. You know?

    Want do hotwheels bone shaker? Try melting some black plastic cubes and silver plastic cubes.

    Put it in a mold.

    Then put it in a freezer for 30 days.

    Then take off the plastic.

    Try to paint it

    Try to put it together.

    And now you have hotwheels boneshaker.

    I see taras building Delorean time machine ghost.

    make the paper craft free because it says that I have to pay for the pdf so pls make it free PLS!!!!

    2 replies

    I'm done with my One:1.

    I just put delorean time machine plate on my one:1.

    Taras, make the time machine 50% off.