Deactivate NFC on Your EC-Card


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Last year I got an Letter from my Bank with a new EC-Card.
The problem was that the new card had some features which interfere with other cards in my wallet. Also I want to protect my privacy...

The problematic function is the so called "girogo" it is an NFC-functionality to pay up to 35€ or so contactless. Disregarding the fact that such a functionality is useless it also interfere with my access authorization card from my university.

The financial institution won't give me an card without NFC so I decided to deactivate the NFC

Step 1: Locate the Antenna and Destroy It

You will easily find the antenna with transmitted light technique. It is the dark shadow in the image. If you have found it,you can cut through the antenna. This way the card still have the basic functionality, only the NFC got disabled.



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