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Introduction: Dead Bride SFX Makeup

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I decided to do a dead zombie bride thing.. so.. Yeah. lol

Step 1: Painful

so to start off I made the huge cut on my face. To do that I used cotton balls and liquid latex to do this.
Rip the cotton ball up and stretch it out then place it on your face with the latex, be sure to completely cover the cotton and smooth out the sides.
Add another piece next to the first but keep and hole in the middle.

Step 2: Contour

while I waited for the latex to dry I got some gray eyeshadow and contoured my cheeks, nose, and also added bags under my eyes.

Step 3: Ew

now that the latex it dry time to make it look real. Use a cover up to make the white of the cotton ball match your skin. using cream makeup in red I put that inside the hole then placed some of the red around the wound. I then got dark purple and blue to place around the wound to make it look irritated. after that I grabbed some blood past and put it in the hole.

Step 4: Makeup

brides need makeup! so I used a matte red eyeshadow under my eyes, then I grabbed a maroon color for my lid and blended some black into it. I kept it very messy, because.... well, in dead. I then added a winged eyeliner, and some fake lashes. Then I got black lipstick! fun fun. =D

Step 5: Stiches

I decided I needed stiches. I took a cotton ball piece and rolled it up and placed it on my neck with the latex. used the same method with the cream makeup to make it look real.

Step 6: Detail

I used a black eyeliner to make the string.
I added red cream makeup at the end of the string line to bring it out a little more.
Then I added more blood.

Step 7: Dress

I painted on a basic wedding dress using white body paint, and using a light gay eyeshadow to add small wrinkles and shadows in the dress.

Step 8: Blood

Then I went blood crazy. woo!



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    How did that happen? I entered "bruising" not "brushing"...or so I thought! Anyway, your work is much, much better than my typing.

    1 reply

    Haha. It's no problem, I type incorrectly a lot. =P If I use my phone it's WAY bad. Autocorrect is the worst. >.>

    As usual, your work is really good. I do wonder why there isn't more "brushing" on

    this young Brides face, since it is obvious she passed on a while ago. The last time I had a real bruise ( and a broken arm, concussion, and cracked teeth ) the bruising had fascinating colors that deepened, changed and then faded away, thankfully. Your work could show those effects to reveal more of your creativity. Thanks for sharing. I so enjoy your work.

    1 reply

    Haha yes yes, I understand. I was afraid of making my face to cluttered. This is the first time I made my own wounds. =P Next time! Thank you though! =D I'm happy to see you liking my stuff.


    2 years ago

    Great YT advertising - deserves a follow just for that

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