Dead Fairies Part 3

Introduction: Dead Fairies Part 3

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Taking the Dead Fairies to the next level!

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Step 1: Our Start Begins Here...

We start like we did on all the previous Instructables. A small (6 inch) skeleton. A broken clock case (good case, bad clock). A strip of LED lights (any auto parts place). Whatever you would like to use for the wings. Some foam core poster board. Brown paint. A marker to age the skeleton. Glue gun and all that stuff. I have covered the gluing and positioning of the fairy many times before, so we can skip that. Aging the skelly was just a black marker and wiping it off just before it dries. Gives it that worn out look. Mostly just preference for me. The foam board is cut to fit the back, painted (any color to match the wood), then fit in after we add the LED. Next step...

Step 2: Light My Life

The other fairy Instructables kept things pretty simple. This was to help give ideas to step up your abilities with stuff found at a thrift store, second hand store, online, etc...
This was a clock case I found for $1 at a flea market. The case was more intricate and eye-catching than the battery operated clock.
So we see here how I put the LED light across the top and used just a little bit of glue to hold the wire. Strategic placing will hide the wires better. Big wings can hide a lot of area, stuff like that.
Anyway, make sure your lights work before you put the rest of the stuff into the case.
The skelly's feet and legs glued where I wanted them.

Step 3: Check, Mate!

Fairy is glued in, lights tested! I cut the foam board to fit into the back. You may have to add some stoppers so the back doesnt fall into the case. Each case is different.
I painted the foam board with brown. Just a bead of paint and big foam brush. Gave it a grained look by keeping the stroke of the brush in the same direction.
When it was dry, I glued it into place with a small hole out the bottom for the wire to come out.

Step 4: Lighten Up!

And these are just a few examples of what I made. The wires, well, some of the cases have a battery box in the bottom thats perfect for the switch and power. Some you have to improvise. But as long as the wires and switch aren't the first thing people see, then the illusion becomes real!
And on this Instructable, I think I am done with writing about the fairies. Lol!

Step 5: The Trilogy Ends...

The first dead fairies showed you how to make one from a simple and cheap holiday prop. The second showed you how to bend and position them for effect. And this, the final one, shows how to put them into showcases for maximum effects!
I thank you all for waiting patiently for me to finish this trilogy. If I can figure out any way these can be taken to another level, I will definately bring you all into the fold as well!
Always try new things and keep creating! Thank you so much all of you!

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    5 years ago

    I continue to enjoy your warped since of humor. The only change I would suggest would be a small brass plaque. Something like "First kill autumn '14".

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 } '


    Reply 5 years ago

    Lol! That gobb;ety gook ac tually sends people to a spanish version of the instructable...Kind of... It seems just the header is in spanish and they added advertisements.Interesting none the less...


    Reply 5 years ago

    Lol! That reminded me of the old Monte Python sketch where they used modern warfare of guns and grenades to go mosquito hunting. Ha! So I could picture some one standing by one like a hunting trophy out in the field.


    5 years ago

    Don't know where all that gobblety gook at the end came from.