Dead Man´s Hand Balloon




Introduction: Dead Man´s Hand Balloon

How to scare your friends with a science experiment- a zombie hand!

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Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

step 1 take a gloves, bottle , hacksaw , tape & bucket of water.

Step 2: Make Way for Inflating the Hand

step 2 cut the bottle with hacksaw at base.

Step 3: Make Hand

step 3 now open the cap of the bottle.

step 4 insert new medical glove in bottle. tape it well.

Step 4: Test!

step 5 fill bucket with water
step 6 Dip bottle in jar of water.

step 7 test it. conclusion the gloves will inflate like a dead man hand

This happens because air enters the glove when you insert the bottle upright into the bucket.

Ready to scare your friends with this science experiment?

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