Dead Master Choker

Introduction: Dead Master Choker

Easy Dead Master Choker for anyone cosplaying her :) Youtube tutorial available as well.

Materials:- thread + needle -Black ribbon -Button -Matches ______________________________________________________________________________

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Step 1: Ribbon

I purchased half a meter for like $1 at Spotlight. It's 3cm thick. You need to measure the ribbon comfortably around your own neck to decide how long you need it

Step 2: Button

Find a black button - Mine is a bit too big but anything a bit smaller than mine is preferable. Sew it onto the ribbon well.

Step 3: Sealing the Ends

Simply light a match and wave it a few cm under your ribbon ends (Make sure you don't let it catch fire!)

This will seal the ends to prevent fraying :)

Step 4: Making a Hole for the Button

Next fold your ribbon in half along one of the ends (So it's now 1.5cm thick)

Then get scissors and make a small incision, large enough for the button to fit through but not any larger so it separates the ribbon

Step 5: Check to See If It Fits

Check it to see if the button hole is big enough to get through easily. If not, make the incision a little bigger. When it fits nicely use a match to heat seal the hole so it doesn't fray.

Step 6: Finished

And that's all you need to do to make an easy Dead Master choker :)

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