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Fun times!

Step 1: Base

First I outlined where the black for the eyes would be going.
then I grabbed red from my mehron paradise pallet and placed that all over my face avoiding the eyes.
then I filled in the eyes with black from my paradise pallet.

Step 2: Highlight

using white body paint from the paradise pallet I started highlighting the black part of the mask.

Step 3: Details

Using black again I added done shadows, as well as a line down my face. I also decided to add lines coming off the black part, and I outlined my face.

Step 4: Highlights and Shadows

using a white jumbo eyeliner in Milk from nyx I added some highlights. I kept most highlights to one side of my face. Next I took black matte eyeshadow and added shadows, I kept most shadows on the opposite side.

Step 5: More Detail

I added more lines from the black part of the mask. I also filled in the lid of my eye with the jumbo eyeliner in milk, then I finished outlining my face.

Step 6: Body Base

outlined with white eyeliner, filled in the red sections with paradise red, and filled in the black with paradise black.

Step 7: Outline

Using black again I outlined

Step 8: Highlights and Shadows Again

using the same jumbo eyeliner and matte eyeshadow I added the highlights and shadows.



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    3 years ago

    An amazing design and looks fantastic.Looks simple to achieve but i would practice a couple of times. Brill

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