Dead-Simple Muffin Taste Explosion

Introduction: Dead-Simple Muffin Taste Explosion

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We've been doing it all wrong, all wrong for years.

It's time to TAKE BACK Breakfast with HONOR and DIGNITY and the SWEETNESS OF PEACHES!

Soldier! Grab yourself a SUGARY MUFFIN, a RIPE JUICY PEACH, and a SHARP KNIFE and we'll

(dont forget to finish this!!!!!!)

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Step 1: Procure the Goods

This was discovered using Grocery Store Bakery Muffins, which are incredibly sugary. The sheer quantity of combined sweetness is why I suspect these types of muffins work so well. You might not want huge chunks of sugar affixed to the top of yours, but I strongly recommend picking an indulgent muffin!

The peach must be ripe! The goal of this endeavor is to have sweet juice of the peach dripping all over your indulgent muffin! If your peach isn't ripe you will leave a bad comment AND I AM AT MY LIMIT PEOPLE


Important! Take the wrapper off of your muffin!

Now slice the peach into MOON CIRCLES, around 1/2 to 3/4" thick.

See how we did that with the peach? DO IT TO THE MUFFIN! That's right, cut that muffin into moon circles too!

Man look at all of these moon circles this is crazy how many moon circles we have.

Step 3: YESSSS!!!! EATING TIME!!!!

Do you see what I see? YES I DO STOP READING RIGHT NOW AND EAT !!!!!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Blessings from USA,
- Man-Eating Pit

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    4* for comedy and a simple idea, well presented. Shame I'm not going to see a ripe peach for about 8 months, stupid autumn/winter/spring. Being able to light fires and drink delicious hot beverages does not make up for the lack of summer fruits.