Dead Space Marker

Introduction: Dead Space Marker

"The Black Marker is an alien artifact found on Earth in 2214. It radiates a signal that—depending on your intelligence—either induces dementia or imprints blueprints into your brain for reproducing more Markers." (

I've only recently come into the series of Dead Space and I've enjoyed it's lore quite a bit. I loved the way the markers were presented throughout the games so I wanted to have one for myself. Sadly I was unable to find one to purchase for myself, so I decided to make one. The model I made is closer to the desktop statues you can see in the game because the few pictures of the collector's edition marker I could find, looked a bit too chunky and awkward.  Each model is 7 in tall and resin slush cast, then filled with plaster to give them enough weight to not feel like cheap toys. I gave each it's own simple paint job then clear coated them with a matte finish. The black one was for me because it had more than a few casting bubbles and cracks, while the red marker is for a friend. I would love to know what people think and constructive criticism is always welcome.

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Wow! Given that you make markers, you must be very intelligent - though those are quite small ones, so maybe just a very little intelligent. Just kidding.
    There is no doubt those are markers. Could you make a more detailed description of how you made them?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    amazing job on the markers first of all. I do have to add that the resistance to the signal depends on willpower, not entirely intelligence exactly but around the same area seeing as one could technically influence the other, aside from that everything is correct so nice work on the lore read-up. btw i feel the same about the collectors edition... though a problem i kind of see is the shape. the double helix is generally a very continuous symmetrical curve whilst yours have a point where the continuation halts and falls strait to the base of the object. i know its there in the marker but I feel that its far too emphasized in your own, where as in-game there is a very graceful approach to that area in the unique artifact that is the marker.

    forge tech
    forge tech

    7 years ago

    Can u pppplllllzzzzzz make an instruct able on how to make on? I LOVE the dead space series and have been looking for a model of a marker for ages. Thnx.

    I think I need to check out Dead Space, being a fan of good lore myself. I'm also a big fan of game-to-reality items. I agree that the collector's edition marker looks chunky but the markings give it some kind of "evil" flair. Your markers look a little more... distant. That's not a bad thing, though, just the difference between a cackling madman and some unseen force that simply does not care.

    Either way, I like your markers, and I'd love to make one myself - after knowing the lore - but I would probably opt for a simpler version from paper - . Not as sturdy as yours, though, and not as detailed, of course.

    Thanks for sharing!