Deadmau5 Head




Introduction: Deadmau5 Head

Creating a Deadmau5 head is a bit on the pricey side but easy


13" gerbil ball
10-15 pages of any color sticky back felt
duct tape the same color as the felt
thin wood board
12" or 13" plate or round object to trace the ears
styrofoam ball
motorcycle visor
4 screws and bolts
color spray paint to visor 

Tools needed:
Hot glue gun

Step 1: 13" Gerbil Ball

For the structure you will need a 13 inch gerbil ball. It can be any color because you will be covering it. Here's a link for a cheaper one

Step 2: Cutting the Gerbil Ball

Before you cut you need to remove 5 screws(the ones that hold the two sides together) that are next to each other from the 1st screw to the 5th screw is going to be the width. You can play with the hight but mine is about 5 inches tall. After figuring the hight you want then just draw the mouth with a sharpie. After drawing, cut on the line you just drew with the dremel. 

Step 3: Motorcycle Visor

Here is a link to a cheap motor cycle visor. Just make sure the visor matches the ear color.
Since you have cut the ball, cut the visor to fit on the outside of the ball.

Step 4: Duct Tape!!!!!!

So now that you are done with the cutting, IT'S TIME TO DUCT TAPE!!!! Before you duct tape the whole thing just make sure you find the 2 slots above, to the right and left, and dont cover them. Those slots are where the ears go. at this stage you will also need to tape just the top and bottom of the visor to the open mouth. Once that is secure duct tape the rest.

Step 5: Cutting and Painting the Ears

Now you will need the plate. Trace the plate twice in different spots on the wood. If you have a dremel like mine it has a stone cutter drill bit, you will have to get one if you don't have one. Cut along the line then sand. After the sides are smooth set down a plastic bag or something so you dont paint the floor and just spray the ears once or twice. Drill two holes close to each other where the screw and bolts will go in to secure the ears.

Step 6: Felt

So the only thing about felt is that you have to cut it in mini squares and jest connect them. People say that if u spray it with water it forms but that didnt work for me. Basically just connect all the squares together till you have covered the whole thing but the slot for the ears. Just leave 4 small rectangular for the crosses on the eyes. DO NOT THROW AWAY EXTRA FELT YOU WILL NEED IT LATER!

Step 7: Styrofoam Ball

There is no specific size ball for the eyes, so you just have to use you judgement. You will need to cut it in half by heating up the blade of a knife. THE BALL WILL NOT CUT IF THE BLADE IS NOT HEATED UP! After heating just slice through. Once in two pieces glue the rectangular felt pieces to make X's on both eyes.

Step 8: Putting It Together

So now that everything is done, its time to put it together. With a hot glue gun, glue the eyes with the X's on them, above the mouth. Next is to stick the ears through the two slots above and to the left and right of the mouth. Stick the two holes through. Once in put the screws in and secure with bolts. Finally, just add any padding in the head so it doesn't wiggle. Now you are set. For a great look where a leather jacket and some jeans! Hope you have a great time showing your hard work off.

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