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Introduction: Deadmau5 Head

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A couple of months before halloween 2013 I found a clean 11in pet ball for $2 so it was time to make a dead mouse head.

Step 1: Cut Out Head Hole

Get a round object like a ball or something to mark the hole, than cut with your drimele tool. You may want it cut a bit bigger than your head because if you are going to let people try it on there head mite be to big that is what happend to my head so no only about 1/3 of people can put it on.

Step 2: Cut the Mouth Out

Mark the mouth with electrical tape and look at the picture of the dimensions,you mite have to convert the dimensions if you're using a 11in ball like me because the dimensions are made for a 13in ball.

Step 3: Add Fiber Glass

This step is only need if you're using a pet ball not a lamp globe. I needed to put a sheet of fiber glass to make the bottom lip strong.It was weak because the air holes made it so there was only about 1/2in of plastic on both sides holding the lip on.

Step 4: Rock the Box

Step 5: Cut Ears

Refer to the size diagram and than mark your foam. I used 1/2in sheets of foam I got from a package. If you are using 1/2in foam cut 2 right ears and 2 left ears 4 in total.

Step 6: Glue the to Half of the Ear

Sandwich 2 threaded rods or bolts between the 2 foam half's. To glue them together I used cocking you could use silicone or some thing that will not melt your foam.

Step 7:

Step 8: Led Eyes

I made 2 panels with 9 diffused white LEDs.Than cut holes in the globe for the LEDs to fit into.

Step 9: Lights to Music

I used a tip 31 to make lights flash to music I have used the cuircut many times and in the project I used it to make the eyes flash to music.

Step 10: Electronics

I used a candy tin to put the battery pack in. The cuircut has a switch which one way turns the eyes on solid and the other way make them Flash to music. I have a male head phone jack that plugs in to my ipod and a female head phone port that I plug a portable speaker into. I put the speaker and ipod In a very small back pack.

Step 11: Eyes

It took me some time to figure out what to use for the eyes but evenly I found clear plastic Christmas balls for $1.50. I cut both eyes out of one ball with a drimele tool.than I sprayed the back side of the eyes with a thin coat of white which make the eyes shiny.

Step 12: Mouth

I got lucky because my mom was going to put one of the strainer things in front of the house for free so I got it and used it as the mouth. I put my put of the plastic ball over the strainer and marked it about 1/2in extra and than cut it with the drimele. I bought some white leggings that I stretched over the mouth.

Step 13: Test Fit

It a good idea to make sure every thing fits and looks right before you start sewing.

Step 14: Sewing

Making the pattern and sewing was the hardest part for me and this was my first time ever sewing so you don't have to be a master at sewing to do this.Sorry I don't have many picture at this make the pattern I found the top of head and than drew 4 lines so than you will use 4 equal pieces of fabric. I than drew a line bisecting to of the lines. Than drew lines every 1in on the bisecting line. Than measure the distance between the 2 lines every 1in and copy it down to paper. Cut out the pattern and than cut out 4 pieces of fabric,I used minkie fabric. Sew the pieces together, work it over the dome, cut out the mouth hole, fold it back and glue it.

Step 15: El Wire

I got 9 meters of el wire plus a driver off ebay for $8. Poke holes for the el wire.string it through. Sew the el wire to the head.

Step 16: Foam

Glue in some foam.

Step 17: Wear It.

Over all the project cost $20.I were it to school and than took it to halloween. On halloween night me in the mouse head and my dad in his jack in the box head took a loud speaker in my back pack to in and out and played gangnam style and danced to gangnam style through in and out.

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    6 years ago

    Nice Halloween idea. Where do I go to get the tip 31 for the leds


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Ebay,radio shack ,frys or pretty much any electronic place they cost about $1.50 at radio shack.