Deadmau5 LED Lit DJ Booth

Intro: Deadmau5 LED Lit DJ Booth

Paper Mache Deadmau5 Head, Styrofoam balls cut in half for eyes, Cardboard Ears, with ears and mouth outlined by electroluminescent wire for special night time effect.

Cardboard Box frame with black 99 cent store tablecloth.

2 99 cent store spice rack turn tables spray painted gold.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" tablet for bluetooth music control.

Programmable LED's WS2812B 10 Meters Length cut into 10 1 meter strips of 30LED's wired to a T1000S controller programmed with LEDEDIT 2013 software.

12V DC 2.5Amp Gel Cell Battery

Portable Bluetooth Speaker controlled by wireless tablet.

1 Long belt strap attached to zip ties on the side of the box, strapped behind the head at the neck and shoulder area. 1 short belt strap attached at waist to rear of the box for added stability.

Step 1:



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