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Introduction: Deadmau5 Painting/Poster

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I found this picture online that was of a painting with a Deadmau5 theme to it. I really enjoyed it and thought that I would like to recreate it, not exactly, but to make something similar to it with the same theme.

Here are a list of the materials I used, and the prices:
Empty space              -Free!
12 inch Ruler             -Already had
Pencil                          -Already had
Paper                          -Already had
Eraser                         -Already had
Black Artist Pen         -$2.99/A.h.
Red Paint                   -$2.47
White & Black Paint  -A.h. (need very little)
2 Brushes                  -$4.99 per (cheaper ones available)
Newspaper                -Already had (need a lot)
30.5 by 22.5 in. 140 lbs Paper -$2.99
Double Sided Tape  -Already had

Disclaimer! I am not responsible for any stained carpet, wood flooring, walls,etc. This is a messy project. You have been warned. 

Step 1: Coming Up With a Design.

I was surfing through the infinite amount of information that the internet has to offer when I came across this image. I am an avid deadmau5 fan, and was instantly intrigued. I figured it would be simple enough to recreate, and to even try and make my own. The clockwork in my head began spinning as I brainstormed ways to recreate this poster but not copy exactly. I sketched some ideas down about the composition. Eventually I produced the sketch that you can see listed below.

Next, I thought out what materials I needed and went out on an adventure to my local hobby store to buy the necessary materials.

Link to first image here:!/photo.php?pid=2904513&id=9980651805&ref=fbx_album

Step 2: Producing the "Guidelines".

Now that I had all the materials I needed, I proceeded to use my pencil and ruler to draw out the lines with which I would follow while I painted.  This step is basically so you have something to paint in, and so you can mess up on something that is easily fixable. Paint isn't erasable. Also, the only reason I used the ruler was to make sure that the lettering was square with the bottom and that one letter wasn't dramatically over sized from the rest. When I was done doing the lettering, I erased the excess lines until it was only the deadmau5 logo.

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph the actual head of deadmau5 while it was in its pencil phase. You can see it a little, and it's not completely necessary to have a complete image for the instructable, because there are later images, so life goes on. If you absolutely need an image of the head in this phase, I will redraw it up for you.

Step 3: Beginning to Paint.

On this step I used the round brush and the paint I had obtained from the hobby store. I would recommend putting some newspaper under where you are painting just in case the paint leaks through. The steps are pretty direct, but there are some helpful hints you should know first.

Some tips:
-Only load the brush up with paint partway. Don't completely submerge your brush in paint, that ruins it. 
-When doing edging use the tip of the brush and move your hand horizontally.
-Hold the brush like a pencil, and not horizontal. This makes for smoother brush lines.
-Take Your Time! Don't rush. Patience is a virtue.
-Wash your brush often. I cannot explain enough how important keeping your brush in good condition is.

Preparation for painting:  
-Get something to put your paint on, i.e: paint bowl, ceramic tile.
-Use the eraser to slightly remove the pencils lines, not completely! Unless you want the pencil marks to show through, I recommend you so this.

Step 1: Outline the inside of the image. Use the tip of your brush and move your hand horizontally along the inside of the image creating smooth lines.
Step 2: Fill in the rest of the image. Preferably, go one direction with the brush. Wait for it to dry.
Step 3: Paint a second coat of paint on top of previous paint. Go the opposite direction from which you painted in the last step. This makes the painting look smoother, so you don't have paint lines.
Step 4: Paint a 3rd coat, and the mix your original color with very little black paint to make a shade darker color. Wash brush. Use brush to paint areas where you believe there should be shadows, starting on the edge and moving towards the inside. This adds the effect that this is a 3D object with lighting focused on it.


Step 4: Preparing for the Splatter.

Protecting your Painting:
The first part of this step is how I proceeded to protect what I had just previously painted.
-Take your sheet of paper, and lay it on top of the section you want to keep paint free.
-Trace the outline of said section and cut out.
-Place double-sided tape on the underside and place on top of your painting, making sure to line up the edges.

Laying down the Newspaper:
OK, this step is a necessity if you want to keep your "empty space" free of red paint speckles. Although it may seem a bit excessive, every page of newspaper I laid down helped protect my flooring and furniture. 
-Separate the pages of your newspaper, and spread the pages out.
-Place newspaper underneath and around your project.
-Figure out the direction at which you will be splattering your paint, and put some newspaper at an elevated level on the receiving end. This is really important that you do this. Paint WILL fly that far and will cover whatever is in its way in paint.

Step 5: Splatter and Finishing Touches.

Splatter Time!
The first part of this step is pretty hard to elaborate on, but I will try my best so there aren't any missing gaps of information.
-I used two colors, a light and darker one, and I started out with the slightly darker one first.
- For the smaller "speckles" I loaded the brush like normal and flicked it at a distance.
-For the larger "blotches" I loaded the brush with paint, so it was dripping from the sides of the bristles, and flicked it onto the paper closer to the paper.

The Lettering.
The way I did the lettering was different from what I had originally planned. Originally I had wanted to paint it on, but when I came to the realization that the only black paint I had was too runny to use for dark lettering, I had to change my plans. I will give you tips for both.

Here are the tips for the Artist Marker:
-I started with the outside edging, then I moved to fill in the rest.
-When I was done, I went over it with my eraser to remove the last of the pencil, because of this I had to touch up what I had just done. When I erased the pencil it removed some of the marker.

Here are the tips for Paint:
-Use a flat edged brush, this will help in getting a more square edge.
-Do it in many coats, this will assist it in looking darker and more refined.
-Also erase pencil remnants when done. You might have to touch up on this, but also might not have to. 

Step 6: Finished.

Let it dry.
Hang it up.
You're done.
Cool right?

Du bist mit Ihrem Projekt getan!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Suuup! Nice to see my work is appreciated. So, yeah, I'm the chick who did the original painting you see up there, the one on Joel's wall.
    Check out my credibility here - for all you none believers.

    To anyone trying this with markers. Stop, it's not done with markers. You need Acrylic paint. Here's a video to show you how it's done.

    Of if you're really lazy, come and offer me money and I'll do the hard work for you. Message me on the facebook,
    Peace out and much love.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    8D OMG I HAVT TO HAVE IT!!! $3,000. Final offer. If you smart, you call... :3


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    oh sorry dude. i was just joking. hope you didnt get too excited


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    ummm... are you being serious about that offer?
    i mean, because I'd most definitely consider selling it then. Just saying.

    I did something similar to this, but I used a red Pilot Precise V5 liquid ink pen instead (much smaller image), took a picture, and cleaned it up in Photoshop.

    I just needed it for a logo-esque thing, but it worked pretty well.


    9 years ago on Step 6

    this is a legit idea, but instead of using deadmau5 ima use my cartoon character who, is quite similar to him.....but i created this character way before deadmau5 became to be......
    But awesome idea...


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    That sounds like a great idea! The design for this is fairly simple and can be interchanged to fit whatever idea you have in mind. Once again, good suggestion!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Could you use these instead of artist markers?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, really any type of marker will work. I wouldn't suggest using a washable one, just in case it might smudge.


    I found this site that sells deadmu5 heads cheaper than others and have many options They have the LED equalizers too which is pretty awesome


    9 years ago on Introduction

    how muchyou willing to put it up for??


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I didn't originally think I would sell it, but if you are willing to put up an offer I might consider.

    STuFFeD FiSH
    STuFFeD FiSH

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    sweet, i'll keep in touch, gotta friend thats obsessed and i thought it would be a great birthday present. great job though!