Deadmau5 VR DODO Case

Introduction: Deadmau5 VR DODO Case

The first Deadmau5 helmet Virtual Reality DODO case viewer.

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Step 1: Materials

The materials you need in order to build this mask would be:

- DODO case

- A half ball which measures twelve inches, $ 11.99

- A block of Styrofoam four inches, $ 2.79

- Smooth foam 1 X 12 X 2, $ 6.99

You can but these items at Michael's (the store.)

- You can use any items for the eyes. preferably plastic transparent balls

- Black electrical tape

- Head strap

- Needle pins

- Pipe cleaners

Step 2: Cutting the Ears

You need to use the big panel of Styrofoam to cut out the ears. First you grab a knife, exacto's work great, then you lightly mark on the foam to show where your going to cut. Next you slide the knife into the foam, once its cut, sand the foam with sandpaper. It won't look good if it isn't sanded evenly. Make a hole so that a popsicle stick can fit, make it snug. Add a Popsicle stick onto the curved part which goes into the helmet.

Step 3: Painting

CAUTION, DO NOT USE SPRAY PAINT! When spray paint hits Styrofoam it will "melt" Styrofoam. For ours we used a red color, you can choose any paint bottle color. You will only need to paint the outside of the mask, it's optional to paint the inside. You should wait about thirty minutes or so, make sure that when you tich it, the color doesn't fade. Water proof paint won't work.

Step 4: Inserting the Ears

Once you are done with your ears, which includes it being painted, grab a popsicle stick and stab the bottom middle of both the ears. Those sticks are the things that connect the ears to the head. For the ears to have a tight fit, you could have the pipe cleaners tied to the bottom of the place you feel fits right. That allows it to not slide off.

Step 5: Adding Cloth

Cut to shape of the mouth use pins to stretch out cloth and then your going to glue the cloth, keep the pins but make sure they don't stab you. Trim the unwanted edges of the cloth.

Step 6: Addind Dodo Case

Cut the strofoam block into shape, then add the DODO case with only the velcrow flaps glued to the green block. That make the DODO case open up.

Step 7: Adding Eyes

Adding eyes to the mask requires hot glue and the electric tape. Use tape for the crosses on the eyes and any design you feel like doing. Don't forget to spray paint the eyes.

Step 8: Done

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    great job - thanks for including the step-by-step photos and providing an explanation with the images.

    South JH
    South JH

    5 years ago on Introduction

    WAY TO GO, Les Bois!!! Your creativity and engineering are impressive. You should be proud of yourself. Nicely done!