Deadmau5 Hat


Introduction: Deadmau5 Hat

This is a Deadmau5 helmet that I made for last Halloween. It's has a helmet int it so it's comfy to wear around. El lighting added to the mouth and around the head.

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    5 years ago


    what did you use to illuminate the eyes? and what products did you get for your elwire. ie the driver, and thickness of wire?

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    the eyes can be illuminated with normal leds. If you can get 10mm ones since they are brighter. As for the driver, it's a 9v portable driver with brightness and speed control. Can't remember the model sorry.

    what did you use for eyes? looking for a white hollow plastic ball that can be illuminated like that...

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    that is sooo cool and i love deadmau5:) could you post an instructible on how to make it please?:)

    Great mau5head mate, im currently making my own, and i've based my design on yours, however i dont know how to wire up the EL wire around the lips and head to the power supply, could you write back and give me a hand, much appreciates!

    Excellent work my friend, shame theres no build log to instruct other on how it was made but beggers cant be choosers