Dealing With a Cold

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I woke up yesterday not feeling well, and I quickly realized I had a cold. Winter and spring are the cold capitols of the year, so to prepare you for what is to come, here are some tips for dealing with a cold!

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Step 1: Symptoms

If you have
-Itchy throat
-Constant sneezing
You most likely have a cold!

Step 2: Home Remedies

You can always take a Benadryl or Tylenol, but if you are too squeamish to swallow a pill here are some alternatives. Make a cup of hot tea and sip on it. You can make a cup of broth and sip on that. Suck on a hard candy like anise or mint. The last on this list of remedies, take a warm bath or shower.

Step 3: Comfort

I have one word that can heal any short term illness like a cold or fever- REST! I cannot stress that enough. Rest is needed for the brain to rest, and you to heal. Grab tissues, your favorite stuffed animals (in my case Beast and Sven), pillows, a trash can (just in case), and a movie or books. If you feel well enough, you can even make a blanket fort and watch a movie/read in there!

Step 4: Get Better

The final step is to get better! I hope my tips helped you. Feel better and have a great day!

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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago

    AJD42, I'm sorry I hope my tips help you and that you feel better


    5 years ago

    Sweet and the funny thing is I am sick right now :(


    5 years ago

    Happylist, since it's winter that will probably be soon... Good luck...


    5 years ago

    I should try this next time I have a cold