Deatfall Rat Trap




Introduction: Deatfall Rat Trap

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Rats are eating and injuring my chicks, I found this solution, I will try this night.

Materials : A heavy stone, three piece wood stick, sharp knife and bait




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    I wonder how you bait it. Not knowing any better, I would smear some peanut butter on the stick that is parallel to the ground.

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    Pretty good if I do say so my self! Another trap u could try is to use a large bucket and fill it with water. Then sprinkle sunflower seeds over the surface so that you can't see the water. The rodent will see the seeds, and thinking that it is a bucket of seeds jump in for a nice "snack" and wind up swimming. In the morning just scoop out the bathtub users and throw them away! It worked great for our friends when they had chipmunk probs, so I guess it should work for rats too! Hope you solve your problems with the rats

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