Death Gun Mask From Sword Art Online



This is the mask of the villain, Death Gun in the show Sword Art Online.

Step 1: Build the Goggles

Use cardboard to make the goggles. Cut circles, and then glue onto earpiece.

Step 2: Build Jawline

Cut cardboard pieces and glue them together. Make sure to shape the cardboard to your jawline.

Step 3: Add Nose

Use cardboard to make the nose extend through the middle from the goggles to the jaw.

Step 4: Cheeks

Hot glue wide pieces of cardboard to fill in the cheek area.

Step 5: Forehead

Make a line of cardboard that fits over the top of your head, then glue it to the earpiece of the goggles.

Step 6: Connecting

Use a strip of cardboard to connect the head strap to the goggles.

Step 7: Forehead 2

Fill in the gaps of the forehead like you did with the cheeks.

Step 8: Teeth

Add teeth and circular respirator. Cut the teeth out and four circles. Glue two sets of circles together and then glue them over the jaw.

Step 9: Paint and Eyes.

Paint the mask and then glue red tissue paper to make the eyes.



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