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Introduction: Death Star Dessert

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This (very scaled) version of the Death Star is a Mousse Bomb infused with Pop Rocks.  As soon as this Death Star gets destroyed by your fork, the bites you take of the internal workings will explode in your mouth.  

That's full circle destruction, intended for you to feel the power of the dark side.

Chocolate on Chocolate on Chocolate with Chocolate inside and Isomalt laser beams!

Death Star Mousse Bomb.  Enjoy it, you will!

---------  Here is a cool fact about the Death Star ------------

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

Wilton Dome Candy Mold
Black Powder Color
Clear Isomalt Sticks
White Candy Melts
Neon Green Food Coloring
Mousse and Pop Rocks if Desired
Toothpicks and Skewers as tools
Paint Brush only used for edibles
Silpat for melted sugar

Step 2: Make Your Mousse

I actually did this the night before...or maybe it was DAY?  I don't remember, the pics will tell. LOL.  Anyways, I found a recipe online and made mousse for the 1st time, it was really fancy!

Choose your recipe, or even get the pre-made stuff at the store, or you can get a jello mix probably.  I had the ingredients, so it just cost less for me to experiment.  ;)  

If you don't want to make mousse bombs, you could even fill this candy ball with anything else you'd like.  Maybe even a diamond ring.. hey?  ;)

Step 3: Melt Your Melts

Time to melt those candy melts!  Once that's done, start gradually mixing in some black color powder so that you can reach the tint of grey that you desire.  The key is - you need oil or powder based colorants for your chocolate because anything else will screw it up.  Chocolate is temperamental! 

Mix enough to make both halves of your death star and follow the directions on the candy mold to get your domes ready.  Tip - I would make extra domes because these things can be a b*tch to get out of the mold.  I had to do chocolate repairs on mine.  

Step 4: Make Your Beam Hole

Okay I have no idea what you call that thing, but the beam-hole?  Where the laser comes out? 

Take one of your domes and start tracing with a sharp knife.  Make your shape, and carve it out.  Shred after shred, you will have made your beam hole.

JUST BEWARE - you don't want to carve through your entire dome and you don't want to crush it under the pressure.  Use the force.

Step 5: Fillem Up

I added my pop rocks to my mousse right before I filled them.  I tested it, and they last for a while, even though the moisture in the mousse kinda activates the pop rocks.  

I filled one dome most of the way and I put some whipped cream on top of that.  Then I dipped the other dome into some melted chocolate and used that as glue, to press it onto the full-bowl and seal the deal.

Pop that into the fridge to build some strength in the bond.  Then pull it out and add some more chocolate to the seam because you want to make sure there are no holes, or openings.  CAN'T HAVE A LEAK IN THE FORCE.

Then fridge again.  :)

Step 6: Carve Your Seam

Now it's time to make your Death Star LOOK good.

Take a sharp knife and carve the edges of that ugly seam that you made.  Don't crush the ball, don't carve too much, don't puncture anything and be safe!

Once you have it carved down, use your fingers to smoothen it all out.  Same thing - not too much pressure.

Step 7: Paint Your ..Ship

Now it's time to use a paint brush and some darker grey chocolate to paint some shapes on the outside of your death star.  I am no expert on this, but I just estimated that they are squares and rectangles and took it from there, piecing them together.

To get a darker color, I used the lighter color, let it harden, remelt and add more black powder.

Start at your seam and go up, then down, then flip it, do some more on the bottom, then flip it again and do more on the top until you're done.

Keep in mind that you have mousse in this sphere, so feel free to take a break here and there and put it in the fridge to relax.

I also took some long drips of chocolate and painted some tall lines inside the beam hole.

Step 8: Dotty Time!

Now, time to take forever!!

Melt one white candy melt, get a toothpick and make a whole bunch of random dots on each of the grey squares/shapes.

Try to mix it up so the design flows and the white dots don't look mechanical.  

Step 9: Make Your Lasers!

Take a small piece of isomalt, follow all directions and be extremely safe with it!!

Once it's melted, add your color and let it sizzle, then mix it in really well.   This was my 1st time using isomalt and when I added the color, I think it was way too hot and it seriously looked like a science project scene from the movies... POOF,  and then hot splatters landed on me. lol.  Scary sh*t.  Once that's done, pour it onto the silpat in lines and try to make them straight.

Once they are cool, you can break them where you need to and make matching sizes to coordinate your laser.

Step 10: Install Your Doom

Now, I thought long and hard about this.  You have to melt isomalt together to get it to adhere.  Otherwise - there is nothing to bond it.

Take it a step further and get it to stick to chocolate!! wth?  lol.  I was really over thinking this.  I had to take it back to basics.

I used a toothpick to make a small hole and I just set the lasers up against each other.  BRILLIANT!  or... "GENIUS!!" - As Chef Ron Ben Isreal would say.  (I have a culinary crush on him.)

Step 11: Enjoy

Now you're done.  You can serve this to the birthday person, or just as a long-effort food craft for yourself.  Mine is in the fridge still because my family wants to see it in person.  Plus - I am afraid to destroy it.  I'm no Skywalker.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am speechless... and craving to take a bite of the dark side!

    Treasure Tabby
    Treasure Tabby

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    LOL cute. ^
    I can just feel those pop rocks popping in my mouth even though I haven't eaten any. :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    AWESOME! May the force be with the contest. :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Wow,this is the bomb!!! The mousse bomb. great job!!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    lol! thank you :D i wish you were here for the isomalt. it freakin exploded like a mad scientist lab with the full on POOF of smoke and the sizzles and it was extremely rapid. scary stuff.