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This was a request!

I had a lot of fun, but I really didn't know what I was doing. I hope you guys enjoy! Be sure to tell me what you think and subscribe to my youtube page!

I'm going to be entering a competition soon and I would love your support!

If you have any requests, let meh know! <3

Step 1: Starting Off

First I took an eyeliner pencil and sketched out my look, this is not necessary I just wanted to know what I was trying to do.

Then I took my paradise paint in black and I filled in half my face.

Step 2: Detail

Using silver from my Mehron Metallic Pallet I outlined where I had the white lines, then I used white from my paradise pallet to add highlights to my forehead, eye sockets, on my cheek bones, and under my chin.

Step 3: Cross Hatch

Using gray body paint I added a cross hatch pattern to make texture.

Step 4: Cuts and Stuff

Using gold and a little silver from Mehrons metallic paint pallet I'm added random cuts, chips and stuff.

Step 5: Other Side

I filled in my other side with orange from the paradise paint.

Step 6: Eye

Using black I outlined, then I used silver to outline it and add detail to the black, then I used brown shadow to shadow inside the eye piece, then I used a white eyeliner to highlight.

Step 7: Gold and Silver

once again I took silver to outline the white lines, I used gold to add chips and cracks, and used a little silver to highlight.

Step 8: Body

outline with white eyeliner.

Step 9: No Idea What I'm Doing

Fill in the first to sections with black

Step 10: Gray

use gray on the next section.

Step 11: Orange.

Then do orange on the next section (I really don't know what I'm doing)

Step 12: Black Again

Use black to fill in the chest

Step 13: Gray Again

Use gray again!

Step 14: Uh Yeah

Then use black and orange. .. .. no idea.

Step 15: Outline

I used black to outline.

Step 16: Shadow

Then I used black eye shadow to shadow around the whole body.

Step 17: Silver and Gold

randomly highlighted with silver and added more cracks 'n stuff with gold. DONE! HA!

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    Lol. I didn't go to makeup school. I'm self taught.