Deathstroke Mask (Deathstroke, Slade Wilson) Cardboard

Introduction: Deathstroke Mask (Deathstroke, Slade Wilson) Cardboard

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In this video I show how to Deathstroke mask to know how to make this Deathstroke mask and just follow the steps or watch the video where I show how to assemble the mask and show the materials you will need to use the link to download the templates this in the video description, do not forget to leave your LIKE the video, sign up in the channel part is encouraged my work, watching the video will help me finance my next project which is even more impressive,

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Step 1:

1. print templates

Step 2:

2. pass the molds for cardboard

Step 3:

3. 3. Mount the mask (together the cardboard molds) use hot glue to attach the pieces.

the molds on paper are listed to mount and so follow the numbers any doubt watch the video

Step 4:

4. Paste pieces of newspaper or paper in the mascara to give more resistance use white glue

Step 5:

5. pass some kind of mass in mascara to make it smooth and without deformation (plaster mass for costruction, plastic mass) use sandpaper to make it smooth

Step 6:

6. Paint the mask in the original colors

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    2 Discussions

    Shivanshu sinha
    Shivanshu sinha

    3 years ago

    "thanks in advance if we like the design?" I wanna thank JFcustom at therpf for the design. Please don't steal credit


    Reply 3 years ago

    Geez dude, I think you need to read about what it says at he bottom of the comment page. "We have a be nice comment policy. Please be positive and constructive." And secondly, you do not need to be so rude about it. If they made the templates for people to make a mask/helmet out of, that is their business, so all in all, you had no right to say that, and this person stole no credit. GOOD DAY SIR!