December Hot Deals on Rugs and Carpets From Rugs and Beyond

About: Rugs and Beyond is the worlds largest purveyor of Handmade rugs, carpets and shawls. They offer fine quality products at affordable prices. Their collection is One of a Kind and their exclusive rugs range f...

Intro: December Hot Deals on Rugs and Carpets From Rugs and Beyond

Handmade carpet is the most important home decor accessory for winter. As we know that, due to the temperature of the environment, our body temperature is varied. It means, when we come in touch with cold temperature or put our bare foot on a cold surface then our bodies become cold and this is dangerous for us. Flooring is the coldest part of our homes. So if you want to add warmth and cosy touch to your room then buy a magnificent carpet from Rugs and Beyond. Rugs and beyond is an e-commerce website of Yak Carpet which is the oldest company of exclusive handmade carpets in carpet industry. Yak Carpet has been established in 1976 and they are selling “One of a kind” handmade carpets worldwide. They have a huge stock of stylish and gorgeous carpets. I am going to tell you that why you should buy carpets from Rugs and Beyond-

Step 1: Features of Rugs and Beyond:

1) “One of a kind” products:

They have “One of a kind” products, which indicate that if you buy a product from Rugs and Beyond you will never find the same product including designs and color combinations worldwide. Each product has a unique pattern and design. Rugs and Beyond carpet is created by their talented designers and implemented by their skilled craftsmen.

2) Handmade Products:

They have 100% handmade carpets. Handmade carpets are much better than machine made carpet. Handmade carpets are more durable and also have fixed colors. It is woven on a handloom. It has taken about 5 to 14 months to weave a single carpet according to its size and design.

3) Free shipping worldwide prompt delivery:

Rugs and Beyond is providing this facility worldwide. They delivered their products more than 230 countries in world. Rugs And Beyond is using FedEx and UPS for delivering products.

4) Return Policy:

If you think that product which you ordered from Rugs and Beyond is not exact the same which you received then you can also return or exchange within 14 days.

5) Custom Order:

Rugs and beyond specialize in making custom orders carpet according to certain specifications like color, size, type, material, knots etc.

Step 2: Rugs and Beyond Christmas Collection:

Christmas is the biggest holiday. Most of the people want to celebrate it by decorating their home and making tasty food. They also give gift to each other. Rugs and Beyond has launched the new collection of handmade carpets in traditional, modern, vintage, kilim, afghan etc. If you want to impress your guest or want to get complements regarding your home decoration then this is the best time. Buy exclusive a handmade area rug is in “One of a kind” design pattern from Rugs and Beyond. They directly source carpet from weavers so they sell their carpets at very reasonable price.



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